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The Black Sands Universe

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The Black Sands Universe is a story based in the ancient Middle East during the pre-dynastic era. because there is little to no historical text during this time period, we have liberties to tell our own stories. The Black Sands Universe combines mythology, historical context, and a little sci-fi into a coherent cross pantheon experience everyone can enjoy.   The story involves seven major kingdoms vying for power in the year 3500 BCE. Prior to this point, the world was completely under the control of ancient being from the planet Nibiru, but the coming of the God Killers divided many nations and began a war on a global scale.   This story is told through the mythological characters of the time period. They will struggle, come of age, and suffer unimaginable loss throughout their quest to take back the Earth. We will delve into the details of this vivid world and learn a lot about the cultures of the time period.   This project is based on the award-winning comic series Black Sands, the Seven Kingdoms.