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The Black Garden Company

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  • Map of Map of Hydaelyn

    The world of Hydaelyn is composed of three major continents and an assortment of islands. Vast oceans cover the surface of the planet giving rise to life that is very similar to that found on Earth. Each continent has an assortment of sentient races in various states of technological advancement from the hypersonic traveling Garleans to the primitive tribes of the Amal'ja.

  • Map of Praxis; The Last Haven of the Cove
  • Map of The Isle of Panshaw

    The Isle of Panshaw

  • Map of Nymian Research Site

    Within the caves of an island far off La Noscea is a hidden site. Undisturbed for years the members of the Garden venture in to find ornate statues greeting them along with many water works. A pedestal greets them with some Nymian script. As the party ventures ahead they will descend down the stairs until they reach a massive chamber with a triangle shaped platform. Three pedestals dot each corner. Even without disturbing the site there appears to be water escaping from the center of the structure through relief pipes. Further investigation will be required.