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The Black Garden Company

Garden Intro Page
    Pirates. No, that would be too easy of a description. The simplest description would be that they are people who do a job and make sure that it is done right. The Garden will take on most anything that pays well enough; gold, items, favor, or information, it all spends the same in their eyes. Mercenaries, thieves, scholars, adventurers, and assassins all call their vessels home. Bound by their own personal code the only thing keeping them from truly flying the Jolly Roger is a slip of paper from Limsa stating that all is legal under the law of privateering.   Taking a moraly neutral stance, the Garden still abides by certain principles. Slavery is forbidden. Freedom is the ultimate goal. Questionable in their morality at times, the principal idea that governs their actions is the survival of the crew. The ends always justify the means if it means they get to keep sailing for one more day. Born from the ashes of a charred out organization, the members of the crew know very well what is at stake should they fail.   The Black Garden is a long running RP FC on Mateus. We are a morally gray group with long lasting and branching story lines. With a core of DM's, our goal is to offer all of our players a chance to participate and help shape the history of the company while growing and furthering their own characters ambitions. Weekly FC events are supported with numerous side events and PVE content. Our goal has always been to foster a tight knit community that believes in quality over quantity.

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