The Hero's Journey Challenge

Heroforge and Worldanvil want to hear about a Hero that is in your world, what they are famous for, and how they came to be!

What to Include In Your Article

Call to Adventure

Every Hero has a backstory, a place they were raised. It may be mundane, or just as exciting as their rise to heroism. Where did your Hero come from? What sort of bring up did they have? This might be a good time to explore how they came to recognize the issues they were destined to face.


There is a time where a Hero shines, a legend they are known for, a feat they accomplished. What was this feat? How did they pull it off? Did they have help or was it something they had to tackle themselves? Keep to the facts here!

The Return

This is where we can explore the legacy your Hero left. How did people react to their adventures when they came back? How did their story spread? Was it exaggerated or downplayed? Did anyone believe the Hero to be a villain?


Hero Challenge
Character | Jan 9, 2021




  • Jan 9 - Feb 13 = Write Article
  • Feb 13 - Feb 20 = Edits & Feedback
  • Feb 20 - March 6 = Judging
  • March 13 = Winner Announced


  • Character Template
  • Must be Public and Published
  • Only One Article per author
  • No longer than 2500 words
  • BBCode not counted.
  • Must have HeroForge Portrait

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