The Hands of Dhuean

The Hands of Dhuean is unique amongst the Divine Relics in that it is two physical items, a pair of gauntlets to be worn by the Sacred Avatar. Each gauntlet has a focus that reflects the aspects of Deity of War. One channels the aspect of personal fighting prowess. It allows the Avatar to pick up any weapon and be a master at wielding it. They transform into an unstoppable warrior. The other gauntlet is imbued with the Deity's knowledge of war tactics and strategy. With it, the Avatar is able to optimize the use of fighting groups and develop outlandish ideas for winning any battle they are in.   At first glance the gauntlets do not appear to be of a matched set. One is a heavy, metal plate gauntlet that appears to be made of mithril. The metal cuff extends down to protect the wrist and part of the forearm. The metal is articulated up over the back of the hand and each finger separately. It is attached to a leather glove meant to be worn on the dominant hand. The mithril is edged with a darker metal in sharp reliefs that bring to mind sword points. There is a single, dark-red gem imbedded near the cuff point. Etched into the top facet of this gem is the symbol of the Dhuean.The other gauntlet is a thick leather glove worn on the supporting hand. It is richly embossed with symbols of warfare. The longer cuff extends down the same distance as it's metal mate, with the same, etched, dark-red gem embedded in the matching location.   When first acquired, the gauntlets will simply adjust to the handedness of the wearer. If the Avatar is right-handed then the plate one will be the right and the leather for the left. If they are left-handed the gauntlets will be reversed. There is no magical transformation or any visual indication they have changed shape, they simply are as they need to be. The Avatar also finds that the weight of both is no more than a soft pair of gloves and allows for complete movement of the hand, wrist, and fingers. Both are extremely durable and can block the blows of normal weapons with ease. A favorite tactic of many past Avatars of War is to grab the weapon of their attacker with one hand while striking them down with the other.
Item type
Religious / Ritualistic
Owning Organization
Unique - Divine Relic

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