Acolyte of the Divines

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  Def 1: Individual who has dedicated their lives to the service of the Divines.   Def 2: Specific Acolyte who has dedicated themselves to the service of all FOUR of Divines.   -----   For most, a calling to a religious vocation means dedicating themselves to a local deity. Very few feel the specalized calling to be in service to the Four Divines. These Acolytes help perform the various rites dealing with the changing of the seasons and other general services like giving children a basic education. Initiates to the Divine Orders will study at a temple or sanctuary for a year or more before dedicating themselves to one of five paths: The Path of Spring, The Path of Summer, The Path of Autumn, The Path of Winter, or the Path of the Four.  

The Path of Spring

Acolyte of Spring
Acolyte of Spring
The Flowers of Spring are acolytes who have dedicated themselves to the service of the Divine Spring and all it embodies: new beginnings, the dawn, birth and rebirth. *go into what the path entails*   Those called tend to have very upbeat personalities and are the ones who always see the positives in everything knowing that events will work out in the end. They are known to keep well tended flower gardens near their residences and will assist the citizens around them with their personal gardens.   Love flowers and gardens. Take special care with children and babies. Often will be called to assit with birthings.
Celebration of the New Dawn, Bloomtide Festival, Suncrest Festival, Suncrest Birth
Attired in bright yellows, Acolytes of Spring seem to always stand out in a crowd. Embodying the rejuvenating energies of Spring and the Dawn, their upbeat personalities are reflected in the bright robes they wear. With the green undertones seeming like a flower stem, many have taken to referring to these acolytes as the Flowers of Spring.
The verdant sprouts of new blooms open their colorful faces to the golden light of dawn.
— From "Chant of the New Dawn"

The Path of Summer

Acolyte of Summer
Acolyte of Summer
The deep greens and light blues of Acolytes of Summer bring to mind lush grass under blue skies on warm summer days. Often these robes are made from thinner linens to keep cooler during these summer months. Even in the depths of winter Acolytes of Summer will still be found wearing sandals and thinner robes, earning them the nickname Beacons of Summer.
The noonday sun warms all, watching as they grow to fullness.
— From "Summer Soliloquy"

The Path of Autumn

Acolyte of Autumn
Acolyte of Autumn
The boisterous personalities of the Acolytes of Autumn are not the only thing that makes them stand out in a crowd. Attired in bright reds and oranges, these Acolytes reflect the vibrant splash of color the season is famous for. Bright reds, vibrant oranges and brilliant yellows have earned them the moniker the Flames of Autumn.
Red and Gold leaves
dance upon the wind
to the tune of chimes
in the branches of the trees.
Dance! ~ Sing! ~ Celebrate!
Autumn is here!
— From "Autumn's Hymn"

The Path of Winter

Acolyte of Winter
Acolyte of Winter
The thicker blue and white robes of the Acolytes of Winter help insulate them during the cold months. They have been known to line their robes with thick fleece and sometimes even edge their hoods with fur. The rest of the year they typically wear a set of wool vestments, even during the hottest of summers. They tend to wear boots more often than the traditional sandals. The quiet and serene demeanor for these Acolytes is often misconstrued as coldness so many call them the Shards of Winter.
Lay down your weary head through the wintery night. Rest now from your struggles before the world dawns anew.
— From "Winter's Lullabye"

The Path of the Four

Acolyte of the Divines
Acolyte of the Divines
The center meeting point of the four Divines is always represented as a white circle. The vestments of those called to serve all Four equally are therefore a bright white with accents of gold. The full four-colored symbol of the Divines is prominent on the front of their robes, a splash of color on a pure white background. The white seems to almost shine as they move about, making the rare sighting of these Acolytes quite noticeable even in the largest of crowds. Unlike the other acolytes, those in the white have no nickname and are simply called Divine Acolytes
Is Autumn more important than Spring?
Can Day truly exist without Night?
Each waxes and wanes according to the will of the Divines for They seek harmony in all things.

I hereby vow to dedicate my life to the Divine Harmony. May They guide my steps from this day forth.
— From the Oaths of the Divine Acolytes



none, all are accepted

Career Progression

  • Initiation ceremony
  • 1-5 years as an initiate
  • Dedication ceremony
  • Choice of calling



  • Performing monthly seasonal rites
  • basic education for children
  • providing for those in need

Social Status

Highly respected by all.


All are accepted, but there are very few overall.


Acolytes of the Divines
The five different Acolytes of the Divines
Alternative Names
Divine Acolytes, Divine Servants, Flowers of Spring, Beacons of Summer, Flames of Autumn, Shards of Winter

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