The Barrelverse

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PatheticBarrel's Worldember Codex  
A young boy dashes through city streets, a blur of his trueself to even the most attentive of watchers.   A wizard calls fire from his fingers, ingiting the trousers of his most hated rival.   A scientist looks down on her home planet from a spacehip, a return trip for lunch from her workplace over 7 lightyears away.
  Barrel-6391 is a universe in which all elements of fiction, from magic spells, superpowers and even faster-than-light travel, are possibile due to the existence of a single element, known as Cortetx Metal. From this element comes all the stories of PatheticBarrel's mind.   This Codex is the thread which holds together all parts of the connected universe of my writings. What follows herein are the places, people, and events leading up to the spread of Cortex Metal throughout the universe.  

New for the 2018 Worldember Challenge

  Because of how much fun I had creating the original works of this Codex, I will be spending NOvemember preparing the orginal articles for new connections during December. No point wasting words on things that won't count.