Cloak of Rodent Capture

One warlock long ago, who's name was forgotten to time, who was committed to the minatures and games and trickets that decorated his life. There was one game, just one game that he couldn't complete.   Rodent Rondevou, a game with intricately carved 3d word pieces that fit together and connect into the board. They are painted in bright garish colors. No matter how hard he tried, he could never get the final trap to spring. So he created this cloak to hold all the pieces he might need to finish the dastardly game-- and end the mouse, once and for all.   The cloak is covered in a patchwork of patches that seem to slightly shift and move if stared at for too long. In addition to the traditional patches that might come with a "Robe of Useful Items", there seem to be many "DIY" patches that have been haphazardly sewn in between and around the other patches.   On top of the hood of the cloak are two felt mouse ears. Whether these ears were added by the warlock or some later owner of the cloak is unknown.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

This gaudy cloak functions similarly to the "Robe of Useful Items" in that it is covered in different patches that, once removed, become the items the patches depict. In order to attune to this item, the user must spend one hour concentrating while reading and re-reading the small sheet of paper titled "Rules" that is tucked within the inside breast pocket.   Remove a Patch. The wearer can take one action to remove a patch from the cloak. The cloak starts with two each of the following patches, in addition to the features listed below:  
  • wheel of cheese
  • net
  • collapsable 10ft. pole
  • hemp rope (50ft.)
  • crowbar
  • hammer
  • small box of ten nails
  • bag of 1,000 ball bearings
  • tin bucket
  • sovereign glue
  • universal solvent
  • dagger
  • large page of blueprint paper
  • charcoal pencil
  • oil (flask)
  • tinderbox
  • shovel
  Quick! If the user is within 120ft. of a rodent that is not their ally, they are filled with lingering chaos energy from the warlock who created the cloak and can move faster than they normally would. In this scenario, they may choose to use a bonus action instead of an action to remove a patch. If they use this feature, they cannot also remove a second patch during their standard action this turn.   Patches of Unusual Size. At the DM's discretion, the user of the cloak can discover an odd "DIY" patch that could be oddly useful for the current situation. This patch is made of garish fabric in an unusual shape, as if it is a piece of a larger, strange machine. Removing one of these patches always results in plain, unfinished wooden object in the exact shape of the patch, no matter how odd. It's original purpose is unknown and the final size of the object must be able to fit within a 10ft. radius of the cloak.   Cursed. Whoever is currently wearing the cloak is cursed. Every time they successfully restrain or kill a rodent, they fall to their knees and begin weeping uncontrollably for 1d4 turns. For this period, they are considered prone and can take no actions or reactions. If they are in range of other enemies, they are no longer considered threatening for the purposes of flanking. This curse can only be removed by unattuning with the object, which can only be done through a remove curse spell over a long rest or through similar magical means.