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Prophets cannot ever view the other world. They are permanently stuck in either Arcadia or Stark. However, within their world they have great influence and power.
  Despite the name, prophets do not necessarily prophesise anything. They are, however, great influential leaders within their world. They tend to be rich, powerful or "chosen" in some way. This can lead to them being ostracised from the masses, but many prophets do not consider this to be a problem. Generally, prophets tend to be stubborn and set in their ways, perhaps not even believing in the existence of the other world. It is up to the Shifters and Dreamers to set them right, at which point their power can be harnessed in great ways.

Notable Prophets

There are many prophets in both worlds. This is by a significant margin the most common of the three playable classes. Examples include:
    • Kian Alvane
    • Crow AKA Bird
    • All four of the Draic Kin (although it is debatable whether they are actually prophets or something else entirely)
    • People like Albert Einstein in our world
If someone changes the face of the world, politically, technologically or otherwise, it is likely that they are a prophet.

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