Procan's Grace

Procan's Grace is the flagship of the Imperial Navy, a first-rate ship of the line sporting five decks and eight cannon, as well as mangonels and scorpion. It is commanded by First Sea Lord Khegdo Windprow.


In 5720 AtD the then Emperor Ogerius Jehen placed an order for the building of 8 new battleships, including the first-rate ship that would become the Procan's Grace. The reasoning behind this decision was to replace ships lost during the The Battle of Tynamore Reef, and to support the Emperor's new policy of a second Imperial expansion.   A brand new drydock, at Taskerhill Docks, was commissioned in Feymouth especially for the construction. This was to be paid for by a one-off Naval tax on merchants within the capital, which lead to some discontent amongst the trade guilds.   Six years later, in 5726 AtD, the Grace was launched with great fanfare.   Around 6,000 trees were used in the construction of the battleship, most of which were oaks harvested from the fringes of the Fearwyd Weald by the Taskerhill family of Keymouth. This was around fifty percent more trees than had previously been used on any vessel, signifying the immensity of the craft once finished.   Despite the dangers of the deeper regions of the Fearwyd Weald, the harvesting was done without trouble, and lead to a welcome surge in employment for the inhabitants of Feymouth and Feybend.


The Grace first saw service in 5728 AtD, helping to secure the recently "liberated" city of The Styes, and has since been used in several battles against the ships of the Hold of the Sea Princes.   In one memorable engagement in 5763 AtD, the Grace successfully defended the Amber Coast from an attack by forces of the pirate queen Concetta, who was at that time the Shepherd of the Sea Princes.   The pirates' fleet of three Brigantines and a Galleon was forced by the Grace into shallow waters near the isle of Marduff. There the great battleship was able to pound the smaller pirate vessels with her guns from a safe range, sinking them all over a period of eight hours. Concetta escaped to the fertile hills of Marduff via a rowboat, and fled back to Monmurg.   Some say that the defeat lessened Concetta's influence within the Sea Princes, eventually leading to her being challenged to the fateful duel with Hammandaturian.   Now, in times of relative peace, the Grace is used as a private transport ship for the Emperor on his infrequent state visits as well as patrolling the important trade route of Trent's Channel.

Repair and Overhaul

In 5760 AtD Procan's Grace was brought into drydock in Seaton for refurbishment and was found to be suffering for severe infestation of Shipworm. As a test of a new, experimental technology the hull of the Grace was covered in a sheathing of copper metal in place of the traditional "black stuff" (a mix of tar and pitch).   Over time this has proven to be an exceptional guard against barnacles, Shipworm, corrosion and weed-growth, though the huge cost has meant that the practice has not found widespread use. The glint of the sun shining from the copper-clad hull has given the ship the nickname the "Sea Lantern".

Cutaway Guide to Procan's Grace

Procan's Grace Cutaway (mouseover to scroll and zoom)
1: Poop deck
10: Fo'c'sle 19: Middle deck 28: Mooring bits 37: Powder room
2: Hammock nettings
11: Scorpion 20: War room 29: Manger 38: Aft hold
3: Mizzen mast
12: Foremast 21: Tiller head 30: Orlop deck 39: Shot locker
4: Quarterdeck
13: First-mate's cabin 22: Entry port 31: Sick bay 40: Well
5: Steering
14: Upper deck 23: Capstan head 32: Magazine 41: Main hold
6: Captain's View
15: Captain's day cabin 24: Galley 33: Lamp room 42: Cabin store
7: Boarding pikes
16: Captain's dining cabin 25: Lower deck 34: Midshipman's berth 43: Main magazine
8: Mainmast
17: Captain's sleeping cabin 26: Tiller 35: Forward magazine 44: Filling room
9: Gangway
18: Shot garlands 27: Chain and pumps 36: Blackpowder store

Procan's Grace by Andrew Howat

Khegdo Windprow
The Grace, The Sea Lantern
Creation Date
Constructed 5726 AtD
Owning Organization
190 feet
ca. 1,000 tons
4 mph
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
120 tons

Cover image: Vehicles by Daniel Alekow


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