The Awakening Chronicles

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An original light fantasy world with a few high fantasy aspects, based in a dark ages setting. The story focuses on the lives of the people living among the continents, and islands of the world. The slow re-awakening of the primordial entities, and the beginning of the world being turned upside down once more, and of course, how the people living in the world deal with it.

The interactions in the world are based on a moderate fantasy setting. Hunting monsters, utilizing their bodies to fuel powerful potions and poisons, casting magic spells and surviving by one's teeth in struggles against humans are all on the surface. But the story focuses even more on the philosophical, and political aspects of the world as well.

A world at war, empires based on slavery and racism. Zealotism turning to boiling hate, and how the factions manipulate the populace in order to achieve the ends they desire at any cost, all while seen through the perspective of only a few individuals struggling to try and survive, and still do the right thing. What is truly "right"? This question becomes even more difficult to answer as the story progresses.

The awakening of the Daemon, the physical manifestation of the chaos itself, brings with it the creation of monsters. Of dark magic, twisted awakenings of evil beings, and the encouragement of dark thoughts in all living beings. With the world falling deeper into chaos and darkness by the day, the cycle begins as a new hero must rise from the darkness to purge this evil--or give rise to a new era of hell on earth.