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The Marian Faith


Primary tenant is purity over corruption   No belief in a god or deity, but rather a necessity that one’s soul bear a weighted scale towards purity. Should a corrupt act be carried out, a person must make penance for their corruptions in life as soon as possible, as procrastinating one’s penance is also in it of itself a corrupt act.   Belief in a single afterlife for all souls in death, a land of eternal bliss. In death one’s scale is weighed, and in order to obtain passage to eternal bliss it must outweigh their corruptions. A soul weighed towards corruption in death must make lengthy penance in order to restore their purity.   Providing more of a code of conduct then a mythos of creation, Marianism would be accepted fairly easily abroad, with its views being shaped to fit within already worshiped gods and mythos.   The Imperial branch of the faith would come to deny the existence of any deity, angering many of its followers and ultimately seeing the faith as a whole divided into multiple smaller branches. This would be one of many factors responsible for the collapse of the Valoni Empire.     In its early years, saw the early Sanctadine and Emperors fight over power, a fight ultimately won by the Emperor.   Currently led by the Sanctadine and top most class of priest, the Templari, who rule over the holy city of Navido within the Valoni Empire. The Sactadine is widely considered to be the second most powerful person within the Empire due to his authority over the faith and minds of the people.   Reliant largely upon the support of the Empire for its authority. Outside of the empire, the faith is although widespread, largely autonomous without any defined leadership.   Has a hierarchy of priests, whose responsibility is to manage and maintain praying pools, alongside dictating the required penance for a person’s corruptions.

Suffering in search of purity gives true meaning to the purity

Alternative Names

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