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Emperor of Sunar


The emperor is generally uplifted by his wife, who after undergoing the ceremony of alemana, is in essence the vessel of Sune on earth. This coronation, is usually included in the alemana ceremony, occurring after the uplifting, and is preformed on the steps of the current imperial residence, or at the Great Temple of Sune.


The Sunarian emperor is tasked with leadership over both the empire and the religion of Sunemrah. It is this his duty to provide unto the people good rulership, prosperity and order. Failure to do these three things has on more than one occasion seen an emperor removed from power by his government, military or the people, in favor of a new, better one.

Cultural Significance

The Sunarian emperor has traditionally been seen as one of the most powerful individuals in the world. Ruling as the head of all aspects of the Sunarian state, the emperor commands the united might of religion, bureaucracy and military to enforce absolute rule throughout the lands under his authority.

Notable Holders

First Empire

> Akenit Dynasty  
    • Akenit I: First Emperor of the First Sunarian Empire
    • Akenit II: Second Emperor of the First Sunarian Empire
    • A string of Akenit Emperors
    • Okarnel II: Last Emperor of the First Akenit Dynastic Period
> Camethop Dynasty  
    • Came I: First Camethop Emperor
    • Came II: Second Camethop Emperor
    • Faphek I: Third and Last Emperor of the Camrthop Dynastic Period
> Second Akenit Dynasty  
    • Asq I: First Emperor of the Second Akenit Dynasty
    • Uphet I: The Long lived Second Emperor of the Second Akenit Dynasty
    • A string of Akenit Emperors
    • Uphet II: The Last Emperor of the First Sunarian Empire, and last of the line of Akenit to rule.

Second Empire

    • Amonkoteph: Restored the Sunarian Empire after several centuries of foreign rule and unrest. Was murdered by his own government though, and led the empire into another century of conflict.
    • Camacar the Black: The worst emperor to ever hold the title. Invited cultists into the empire, slaughtered his people for blood rituals and was only removed from power by a coalition of numerous foreign states liberating the Sunarians.
    • Nipeter I: Took power in the wake of Camacar's removal from power and disappearance. Was widely hailed as one of the few great emperors, but died after only a few years on the throne, leaving the empire to the O'sairi, Taariqid Dynasty.
    • Siniph I: Used Valoni legionnaires to free Sunar from the tyranny of the Cusireen Cult, but failed to modernize the country in time for a Valoni invasion of Sunar.

Fourth Empire

    • Anipara I: First Female Empress of Sunar
  • Anipara II: Current Ruling Empress of Sunar
  • Type
    Civic, Political
    The title was originally crated by Akenit I at the foundation of the First Sunarian Empire.
    Source of Authority
    The emperor derives his authority from his marriage to the Goddess Sune. Literally wed to a deity he is seen as something more than just a mortal, and is thus the greatest position a mortal could ascend to on earth.
    Length of Term
    First Holder
    Akenit I
    Current Holders

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