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The Codices of Order

The Codices of Order are the secondary religious texts of Sunemrah; they outline the religious structure of the faith, and its hierarchy, relating especially to the Sunarian Empire, and the role of the emperor within the faith.   They are a sister piece to the Codex of Life and Death, which concerns matters of religious practice, and mythology.


The purpose of the Codices are to outline the hierarchy of Sunemrah, and provide such information in a clear non interpretive way to maintain order.

Document Structure


The Codices of Order outline the the structure and hierarchy of Sunemrah, outlining the ranking of priests, and the division between the branch of the church devoted to Sune, and the numerous sub branches worshiping the many patron deities within the empire.

Legal status

Widely respected with the Sunarian Empire, the Codices differ from the Codex of Life and Death, in that it handles religious hierarchy and establishes the Sunarian emperor as a head of the faith.  

Publication Status

More numerous than the Codex of Life and Death, the Codices of Order can be found within most temples, and are often read, and studied by priests in training, as well as imperial officials.

Historical Details


The Codices of Order and its sister text, the Codex, were written in the early years of the First Empire, with both the First Emperor, otherwise known as Akenit I, and the high priests of Sunas at the time taking part in their writing. Their basis stems from the older ideas of Sunarian Polytheism, combined with revolutionary new ideas, meant to establish Sunemrah as the imperial religion.


Today, the Codices of Order, alongside the Codex, are some of the most influential religious documents known to exist; and are widely respected holy texts

Text, Religious
Authoring Date
ca. 750 FD

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