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The Salty Seaman Tavern & Supplies

Purpose / Function

The Salty Seaman Tavern & Supplies acts as central hub for people to seek food, drink and small odds and ends. There are rooms available for rent, a job board for people who need help with tasks and a stage area for performers to entertain patrons.


Over the years the tavern has undergone many repairs and renovations. This includes installing a large fireplace to heat the main room, replacing all the furniture to be more modern and up to date, making the addition of a small stage to give musicians a space to entertain guests, building another story to allow for more rooms, the kitchen has been expanded to allow for more meals to be prepared and more storage of food, and the basement underwent extensive reinforcing and expanding to allow for more storage.


The ground floor and first floor of the tavern are constructed in a neatly carved grey sandstone with beautifully carved oak windows. The second story is constructed of thick oak planks with ornately carved beams acting as supports. The flooring through out the tavern is made of yellow pine floorboards with the flooring in the main room being slightly stained from years of spillages and footfall. The bar is constructed of a solid oak piece, with the side facing the patrons carved with intricate designs of mythical creatures. The lighting in the tavern is created by nicely crafted copper oil lanterns with the main room being complimented by the large fireplace.   The rooms on the upper floors are tidy, clean and warm. The dividing walls are made of pine planks, with the furniture being made of a lovely deep brown walnut. Most rooms have a bed, chair, small table with a wash bowl, a wardrobe and a lockable chest that is bolted to the floor to enable patrons to store things safely.   The basement is walled with thick granite slabs with a cobblestone floor dimly lit with a couple of oil lanterns. It is filled with shelfs and racking stored with vegetables and odd and ends that people may need.


The main defence of the tavern is its thick solid oak door with heavy iron hinges and locks that can be closed and deadbolted, and the thick oak window shutters that can be bolted into place also when Celbig calls for it. There is also the staff that man the tavern around the clock who are more than capable of removing troublesome patrons or thieves etc.


The tavern has been in Wildshore since shortly after the sacking in 1468. Celbig has run the establishment since its creation and the staff has slowly grown over the years as the tavern has gotten busier with the towns expansion.


Most people who come to Wildshore will end up in the tavern at some point. It is spoken about within the town with a sense of wonder that will draw people in even if it wasn't their original plane just to see what the fuss is about. With the job board within the tavern as well it will draw adventurers seeking employment and with the ability to purchase odds and ends you may need whilst out on their adventures, it is likely that they will end up spending a lot of time there.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
The Salty Seaman
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location

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Mar 16, 2022 10:23 by Mikael Jokela

I enjoy the sailor-theme of the tavern and would add as Robert mentioned to expand a bit on the taverns history, and maybe some more information about the taverns owner? You could as well add some additional headlines if you'd need them to introduce the owner/staff or other stuff you feel are a necessary addition to the tavern.   I really enjoy the taverns name!