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The Arengold Forest

3000 PW

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Eons ago, in a time unimaginable by any creature except the wildest fantasies of children, there was a vast, incorruptible earth. The dirt that grew on this plane was sediment forged by newly created gods, and was the canvas by which the youngest goddess, Filli, was to prove her worth to the pantheon. Jöreg – god of the skies – and Ïllume – god of the sun – watched with dread as their daughter pulled a seed from her mind and planted it into the soil. The other two gods viewed on with glee and mystified awe as, from the sprout, a massive tree exploded outwards, covering the earth in hundreds of thousands of miles of twisting roots, bramble vines, hidden boroughs, tunnels, and a canopy that blotted out Ïllume's light.   As the tree grew, Filli blessed it with life. First, insects climbed out of the trunks to feast on the leaves and fruit the tree provided. But, quickly, the insects were slain. Filli, not understanding, enlisted the goddess Ïorreg to aid her in granting life to those along the tree. Ïorreg obliged, and soon the insects had the water needed to survive. The youngest goddess, thrilled with her new life, began creating more. Soon, birds and monkeys joined the insects on the tree; all were talented at scaling the massive tree's branches, and took advantage of the seemingly infinite supply of insectoids for food.   But these creatures were not enough for Filli. They simply acted on instinct, and could not recognize the goddess's genius. So, using much of Filli's energy, thin, humanoid people – whom Filli called "Elves" – sprouted from the bark of the tree. These creatures were granted high intelligence and sentience, and quickly learned how to use the resources of the tree for more than just climbing or eating. And, much to the joy of Filli, they began asking questions about where they came from and what their purpose was. As their tree structures grew more and more complex, they added shrines and monuments to the gods that created them. Filli happily granted their priests additional strength and authority in the tribes, and gently guided them to worship the rest of the pantheon. The other gods, delighted, granted Filli their strength and allowed her to continue crafting the world, which the Elves called the Arengold Forest.   But, Filli's joy was about to fall. The Elves demanded much from her. Initially, their demands were simple; they wished for more materials. So, by the suggestion of Dumgarth, god of the forge, Filli scattered rare metals across the tops of the tree, so the Elves must work for them. Then, once they were geared, the Elves said they tired of being the only intelligent creatures on the tree. Filli once again complied; with the power of her parents by her side, Filli created creatures all over the roots of the tree, from humans to orcs to dwarves and all things in between. The Elves were quick to subjugate these new and growing races, which Filli was not expecting in her joyous creation spree. She watched in horror as her Children began using the other races for labor, and she did not know what to do to change things.   As the other gods had no experience with humanity, they did not know either. The full pantheon of 5 gods and goddesses could do nothing but watch as the beautiful Arengold tree began to host organizational warfare. Filli talked to her people and attempted to fill their minds with love and compassion. Thankfully, change is coming to the Arengold tree; the famous Orc Warchief Dolgar has reached an accord with the Elven Warpriest Var, and their wedding has brought a tentative peace between the Elves and those subjugated under them. The Elves and Orcs are dividing the Roots of the Arengold Tree into sections, and it is only a matter of time before unity is found for the first time in the Three Thousand Years of the Arengold Forest.