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Var, Warpriest of the Elves

Warpriest Var

The Eldest Elf. The Strongest Elf.   Her Eminence, Her Regalness.   The One Who Accepts Her Mistakes.   The One Whose Art Is More Than Art.   The One Who Shall Deliver Us From The Orcs.   The Dwarves.   The Humans.   Shall She Live One Thousand More Years, The Elven Kingdom Shall Never Fall.   Var.   Var.   Var.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Var was created as a child for the two female leaders of Filli's Painters, the religious organizations that promised to use Filli's word as their calling.

Since then, the Painters have been disbanded. Var refuses to allow that to stop her, however. As a Painted Person, Var's life is eternal, and her flame has not died since she was a child. She keeps her parent's fervor long after their death.

After 400 years of religious leadership, Var became the leader of the Elven army when the humans revolted. She led a brutal campaign to scare the humans back into captivity, and adapted quickly when that strategy proved deadly for her limited number of warriors. Instead, she began a war of attrition, slowly whittling the human and orc armies until, finally, a peace was driven between the factions.

While she is more than qualified to take the role as leader of the Elves, she refuses to take such a role. She remains the military leader of the Elves.

Recently, her marriage to the Warchief Dolgar of the Orcish tribes has sown the seeds of chaos in the Painted Kingdom, even while cementing the union between the two strongest tribes in the Arengold Forest. She had shown no interest in men or women beforehand. She posits that this is a pure political marriage, and remains in the Painted Kingdom, allowing her husband into her abode only when necessary.

Gender Identity

She presents herself as female, but not feminine. She is a warrior, and expects herself to be treated as the most powerful being in the Elven kingdom. She is not proud or forceful with her presentation.




Taught by her parents and the Filli's Painters at a young age. The remaining Painters would continue to teach her until age 200.


She was always in politics. Her first 300 years – after 100 years of training and practice – was leading Creativity rituals and sermons in the Painted Kingdom for Filli.

Afterwards, she became a Warpriest, weaving divine magic in order to smite her enemies. Ïllume gladly grants her power, as her art form – light shows – are unique and potent in His eyes. She remains the main Warpriest of the Arengold Forest to this day.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Primary Priest of Filli General of the Painted Kingdom
  • Successfully cemented an Orc-Elf Alliance
  • Failures & Embarrassments

    The only scar on Var's legacy is her failure to safely and succinctly solve the Human Revolution. Her aggressive warfare cost far too many lives. She would use this to carve an Elven strategy of long-ranged, magic-focused espionage in order to weaken targets.

    Mental Trauma

    Zealotry, due to her youth.

    Intellectual Characteristics

    Extremely wise, due to over 1000 years of life.

    Morality & Philosophy

    She is directly aligned with The Painted Kingdom, and the law there should apply to all kingdoms. This includes the realization of Elven intellect and the respect of elders. She is more racially aligned than most Elves, and doesn't quite understand the creativity or intelligence of other races as much as her peers.


    She has never been seen naked or even without her armor. It is unknown whether or not she was created with her armor to keep her safe from harm. Talk about her Painting is not allowed with her in earshot.
    Lawful Good
    Date of Birth
    Month 5, Day 12
    Year of Birth
    1991 PW 1009 Years old
    Circumstances of Birth
    Wished To Life
    The Painted Kingdom
    Long, silver
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    White skin
    153 lbs (15 Bulk)
    Aligned Organization
    The Chant
    The above section includes a short chant. This was imagined by an Elven Actor for a short play based on Var's life. Var despises this play, but most of the chant is accurate.

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