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The Painted Kingdom

"Had we known about the beauty that Filli would grant us, our kingdom would be twice as large. Twice as beautiful. Twice as efficient. But, by her will and grace, it is exactly as large as it must be."
By far the largest settlement in the Arengold Forest, the Painted Kingdom is wear Elves started their ownership of the Tree. This kingdom is embedded into the main trunk of the tree itself.

The bottommost buildings of the Painted Kingdom are dedicated to newly born elves. They feature simplistic patterns with distinct iconography to allow young children to understand where they have to go. The low position keeps the children from harming themselves, as the roots are so close together that falling is nearly impossible.

As you scale to the Midtrunk, the elven city grows into its standard architecture; large and flowing murals of structures that naturally connect with one another. The outer streets not only serve as a guideline between structures, but as an extension of the buildings that they lay outside. The outside of a painting gallery may have eccentric colors, while a government building uses metals and rare bark to emphasize its importance.

This is also the most spiritual section of the city, keeping the children away from the influences of the worshippers of Filli and Ïllume until they reach a point that they can form more cogent decisions. Temples to the gods populate the streets every so often, as the elves feel the most connected to Filli and the pantheon.

The very top of the Elven City is currently under construction as of 3000 P.W. The plan is to allow more races to live on the very top as a sort of guest or tourist community. This is part of the Elven pivot towards more inclusive community, as the top of the city is as beautiful as the midtrunk.

National Territory

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