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The Eclipse Watchers

The sun and moon are immensely important to the people of the Arengold Forest. Jörreg and Ïllume are members of a dance that all people must recognize. Sunrise, sunset. The moon of the planet follows along.

The two lovers only occasionally meet in the daytime, where Jörreg can be fully embraced by his husband. When this occurs, the people of the planet must avert their eyes. The blinding radiance of the Eclipse is simply too much to bear.


The Cult of the Eclipse Watchers

The Eclipse Watchers are different. They are able to look directly at the event, and are the only ones capable of seeing the matrimony between the two gods.

The Eclipse Watchers are a group of creatures known as Ifrit. They naturally have greater resistance to the sunlight due to their connection with Ïllume himself.

On the day of the Eclipse, the Watchers leave their homes, sit on a root, and simply stare at the sun. Others are invited to join them, but they must avert their eyes to avoid damaging them. The Eclipse Watcher will then interpret the Eclipse the best they can; giving descriptions of Ïllume's happiness, Jörreg's wisdom, and the dance between the two gods.

Sadly, besides the tribe of Eclipse Watchers located just north of the Tree, towards the Human Encampments, there are not many scattered about the tribes. Typically, a large tribe might have one Eclipse Watcher, whose pilgrimage took them to another point for a month or so. They will always return to their home, known simply as the Eclipse.

Ifrit in the Arengold Forest

The Ifrit are a race of relatively little note. They are red-skinned human-like creatures, with non-harmful fire sprouting from their heads where their hair would normally go. While created by Ïllume, they are exceptionally rare, with only a few hundred in existance. This is intentional, as Ïllume has prevented more than 200 being created at the same time.

However, they are immensely powerful, often getting divine power from Ïllume without needing to worship at all. They also hear his divine voice at very rare occasions.

Druidic Circle


The small tribe of the Eclipse Watchers is located on a major root between the Arengold Tree and the snowy Human lands. They sit at an advantageous point where not a single leaf of the Arengold Tree blocks their sight. Their homes are small huts, as they live simply and create very little art.

The only artwork of any note that they do construct are their prophecies. They are incredibly accurate readers of Ïllume and Jörreg's will, two gods that are normally silent to the masses. As such, their prophecies are taken exceptionally seriously and many give great pieces of artwork to any Eclipse Watcher who can provide them an accurate prediction.

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