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The Painted

A Painted refers to a person who is created from a Creativity Ritual to Filli. These beings were made with a goal in mind, and often have slightly more limited sentience than a standard member of that race would have – or could have in the future.

Painted are usually heralded as a message from Filli. They are kept safe from harm by those who wished for them, and they typically are not targetted by fell forces such as demons.

However, the Painted suffer from minor mental trauma, as they never had true parents. They are reliant on the tribes and community that wished for them if they wish to grow into a fully sapient person. Otherwise, Filli's want to appease those who wished for them may overcome her want to create happy life.

Unless otherwise specified, Painted can still reproduce and love like any other race. They can form their own communities and even perform the Creativity Ritual and make Painted of their own. However, a Painted who is raised incorrectly may be more dangerous than a being made from conventional methods, due to their godly construction.

The Mistakes

"Mistakes" occur when Filli's want to grant a Creativity ritual goes poorly... or, occasionally correctly. These Painted are dangerous to the Arengold Forest and her tribes, or themselves. Filli will normally place these beings into the Vault for safekeeping.

However, occasionally, Mistakes will be kept and raised in a town. This allows for those with unfortunate additions – such as being born with an extra liver or without an arm – to flourish, even in a tribal society. These Mistakes create fantastic art, and thus often become prophets for Filli, Ïllume, and Ïorreg.

Painted Over Generations

The first Painted will almost always be somewhat of a drone. Their headspace will always have some connection to their goal. For instance, the first Humans made by the elves were constantly creating, constantly learning, and addicted to knowledge for the sake of entertaining the slower Elves. As time went on, humans became more sentient. While they still enjoyed learning, they now did it for their own benefit, and would take the time to relax and pursue less intelligence-oriented projects.  

How About Buildings or Towns?

Some buildings or even entire villages are constructed with the Creativity ritual. These are not considered to be "Painted", as they function similarly to any other object, and thus do not have the same level of divine presence as those who are living.

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