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The city of Elfshire is one of the largest villages in the Arengold Forest. It is the unofficial capital of the Orc tribes, and only Orcish tribe of meaningful note. Despite this label, the population of the tribe is approximately half elven, a quarter orcs, and a quarter other races. Orcs have a natural want for adventure, and Elfshire is in an exceptionally safe section of the Arengold Forest; the area near the tree lack the threats of the other regions that the Orc people control.


The city of Elfshire is primarily owned and ran by Elves. They make up the governing body and the middle class. They provide 234 of the 574 population that currently live in the settlement.

Orcs, despite this city being in their territory, make up a relatively small amount of the population. A mere 210 Orcs live in the city. Comparing the total Arengold Orcish population to that of the Elves, this is ridiculously small. These orcs are almost exclusively working-class warriors and guards.

Elfshire is home to plenty of other races that support the Elven-Orcish alliance. The most prominent minorities include 20 Gnomes who serve as the town's primary merchants.


The government of Elfshire listens to the Painted Kingdom entirely. It is set up as a village with close ties to the Arengold Tree, and thus is able to quickly and reliably gather information from the governing body. The actual ruling body consists of three Elves; the painter Oi'Lieen, the sculptor Oi'Vei, and the dancer Oi'Wind.

As an offshoot of the Painted Kingdom, most must follow standard Elven tradition. This includes mandatory education, Elven Inner Artist rituals, and respect for your elders. While this may sound oppressive, most non-elves are granted a wide swath of benefits in order to work with, such as free food and materials. The government does ask for one art piece a year to be added to the government's Hall, an art gallery with quite varied pieces in it.


Despite Elven criticism, Orcs demanded defences be built around the city of Elfshire in case of an assault. The elves allowed for an incredibly basic defense to be installed to ward off invaders. The defenses include barrels that can be dumped over nearby roots to cause them to become extremely slippery. There is a single watchtower, Eagleeye, which watches over both the city and the surrounding region. Eagleeye, the Orc archer who mans it, also happens to be the captain of the guard for the town. The guard is very small, only about 20 of the orcs with a smattering of Kobolds and Kitsune.

Industry & Trade

Elfshire, like most settlements in the Arengold Forest, subsists on trading art, stories, and performances. They trade these with other cultures for food, supplies, or other pieces of art.

Unique to Elfshire, those who travel there may pay with special weapons. Eagleeye and his fellows in the Orc community will take them and bargain with the nearby shops to get massive deals. As the orcs are protected by Elves but not under their direct control, most shops will willingly listen.


The structure of Elfshire is almost entirely horizontal; strange for a city on roots and so close to the Tree's base. The buildings are stretched upon a large platform of Dumgar for support. It is actually one of the only villages that form a legitimate "grid-like" pattern, with buildings and alleyways being in square-like shapes. This organization pleases both elves and orcs.

Of note in town is the Hall, an art gallery of all of the best works of art in Elfshire and across several Orcish tribes. This building is quite long, extending past the Dumgar that the town lies on. Exhibits are organized chronologically. Elven sculptors and paintings dominate the entrance of the Hall, but new works of Human, Orcish, Kitsune, and other race art take hold of the building after a short walk. Many works are donated to the Hall outside of Elfshire as well, making it the most impressive collection of art outside of the Painted Kingdom.


Elfshire features a tiered system for living spaces. Those considered unskilled are moved into the center of town. This is to "inspire them to work harder by viewing those around them." However, it caused a clear social caste that is tight-knit and somewhat closed-minded to the "high talent" group that surrounds them. This ring is often protected by the high-talent group, as if to keep them safe from outside influences.

That high-talent group makes up the outer ring of the town. This includes many of the shops and larger residences that Elfshire holds. The government sits on the East edge of Elfshire; closest to the tree and Painted Kingdom.


Elfshire is home to a few things.
  • The Elfshire Store, which sells Elven-quality gear that almost any race can have access to, though at the price of expensive artwork.
  • The Gnomish Inventor Bief, who created a new way for creatures to climb the Tree, sells the Quickclaw here.
  • Dwarfborne, the axe that the Dwarves gave to the orcs as acknowledgement of their value as creatures. Extremely potent, artifact-level axe specifically designed to heal the user.

Guilds and Factions

The Talentless have some sway over the community. They have little direct power, but are quite closely knit together. Because there are a far bunch of these elves and orcs, they've come together to impress others with their art and speeches. This causes some Talentless to be brought into the outside ring, where they can become middle-class. However, some Talentless realize this is a ploy to keep them from getting too much power.

Orcblood includes all merchants and guards. They are not quite the government, but are open to taking jobs and have quite a bit of sway. They are the backbone of the community. Thus, even the Painted Kingdom have to listen to them.


Elfshire is an extremely new capital. Orcs didn't find it too necessary, but Elves enforced that his would be the core proof of their alliance. Essentially, this town is the seal on their treaty and proof of the Elf's power. While it started as a strictly Elven settlement, Orcs demanded residency. It was granted readily, but the Elven government was not prepared for how overbearing the Orc Eagleeye would be.

Points of interest

The Hall is perhaps the most important aspect of the city. As a gallery of the world's best art, it is quite wonderful to look at, and hundreds come from outside villages to offer their own work and just to look at others.


Most tourists are here for the Hall. These tourists are interested in the wide variety of pieces encased within the Hall.

However, there are tourists who are interested in the more gentle side of orcs. In Elfshire, Orc painting and performance are passive compared to the more outrageous and strong works created outside of the city. This allows for an orc's art to be watched without fear, as Elfshire is a haven for orcs and those who are interested in orc culture.


Like most buildings in the Arengold Forest, there is a lot of wood used. The Arengold Bark is insanely durable and weatherproof, allowing it to endure even the beasts near the Arengold Tree.

Styled by the Elves, the city bears much resemblence to the Painted Kingdom; flowing buildings from place to place, close attachments of road style to the individual's homes. However, Orc organization required the buildings to have some separation, and for the entire town to take a grid-shaped pattern. Not all Orc villages work in this way, but Elfshire is particularly different.

Orc influences are seen in full-force in the Talentless section of town. Those buildings no longer reflect the individual, instead being highly efficient sections. They still have the luxuries of the Orcblood section of town, but without the individuality. This allows for people to be moved in and out of them more readily, without weeks of work changing the look of the building.

As the entire structure rests on a platform, all buildings are around the same size to keep everything stable. The town is highly symmetrical, with the centerpiece – the Hall – being the only outlier; sticking out along the branch. The Hall's decorations are also orc-inspired; clean and efficient, but filled with heart and emotion to the point where the image is almost entirely abstract.


The town is placed on a root, very close to the Arengold Tree. False lighting is required due to the shadow that the tree casts over the location during early mornings.

The root causes the city to require special boundaries set up in order to prevent falling. The relatively high altitude requires protection for children for the first day or so, but afterwards is safe to explore.

The placement of the city allows for an excellent view of the horizon to the west, where orcish encampments can be seen under a bright sun, the roots starting to taper out in the distance.

Natural Resources

The only significant natural resource nearby is a good supply of Arengold Bark from the nearby roots, as well as some basic flying and climbing animals that can be hunted. What it lacks in natural resources, it more than makes up for in trade efficiency. So close to the Arengold Tree, the Elves and nearby orcs are willing to grant the city its required resources.

The Founding of Elfshire

And with this document, you shall have your capital.   Orcs need no single capital. We are a mobile people, and spread quickly.   Think it not strange that you wish to diplomacize with Elves, then? Those who are sedentary? You need a place where we may convene.   You may give us your capital, but we refuse to take it. It is your capital.   We do not wish to live in it. We have our Kingdom. How do you not think about your diplomacy?   Orcs have each other in heart. They will perform diplomacy with any race, and all other orcs shall agree to that.   Fie. Fie! You silly creatures. Then this city shall be Elfshire, rather than Orcshire. It shall be your capital, and you are free to ignore it!   A gift to yourself.   No. Consider this. If you protect the elf community, you have something we consider very important. Then, our community is closer to the other races of the world. Including your own.   I see. So, we get to do your heavy lifting while you experiment with how safe you are out of your perfect little tree kingdom.   That is not what I meant.   I never said no. We could defend you easily. And we want our community to be as close together as you do. Our alliance depends on it.   So it is settled? Orcshire shall be yours?   Nay. You called it Elfshire, and that is what it shall remain. A beacon to our alliance.
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
The Orchome, Western Haven
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