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Bruddu "Wildtusk" Naseem

The Path of Wildtusk

Wildtusk was born in the Southern Roots, near the Gnarls, as part of a Hobgoblin-Mixed tribe. He grew with his Hobgoblin and Goblin parents in a quiet, close society.
During his Inner Artist ceremony, his parents and tribe were attacked by an Elven convoy of raiders. He and a few of his fellow Goblins, Hobgoblins, Humans, and Tengu were spared.
As the most talented with the blade, Bruddu quickly took control of the small group. He organized them into a militia to quickly but quietly ambush a few Elven tribes near the base of the Tree. His goals were considered insane by many, but he was able to loot an Elven tribe without alerting the Midtrunk.
Emboldened by his victory, Wildtusk guided his allies in a few attacks on wealthy trade route. Success seemed to land in his lap, and he became feared for leaving such a small trace of a given trading Crawler and it's escort that the convoy couldn't be identified.
His whereabouts have never been known; his crew that have been captured admit that he is nomadic, never stopping. It's rumored that wherever he wanders, a small cottage always appears for him and his men to stay in. Whether that is true or not, there have been sightings of a home, shrouded in mist, that seems to be near his strikes...

As his successes continued, his retinue of old friends actually shrank. The small retinue of about 12 kids who joined his Inner Artist ritual are all horrified of what he became. Rather than a legion of desperate goblins, humans, and tengu, he now leads fellow criminals and those looking for easy gold and Dumgar. Even his Half-Elf wife, Hilda, seems to be in it just for the loot.
The young, desperate Hobgoblin is gone, replaced by a vicious and brutally intelligent warlord. Abandoned by his closest friends, Bruddu is gone, and all tribes and nations watch for him with wary eyes and drawn bowstrings, searching for that cottage that he lies in.

Bruddu Nasseem

  1. Crimes: Assault, murder, looting.
  • Reward for Capture: 50 Branches of Dumgar, 10 Branches of Gold.

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31 Jul, 2021 17:00

Oh wow, what a sad story! I really like that the more successful they got, the less reliable people they had around D:   The bounty in the sidebar? Cool touch!