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Dark Elves/Driders

The origins of the dark elves and by extension the driders is an often debated subject in elven culture. The facts that are agreed upon are that at some point in the past a group of elves were forced below the surface of their homeland for a lengthy period of time. When they tried to return to the surface they had found they had been changed by the years below. Now more accustomed to the dark conditions they returned below the surface, resenting their surface cousins for the light they could enjoy.   Time passed and throughout the years the elves of the surface and of the underground clashed, the surface dwellers seeing their darker brethren as evil, corrupted souls while the dark elves seeing the sun dwellers as jailers, keeping them from enjoying the sun and its light. It was during these times that the driders were born. Again their origins are debated but the common arguments are that either some dark elves evolved more arachnid bodies for easier movement in their subterranean habitat or some old god of their past cursed them with this new form. While initially the dark elves found these new driders terrifying monsters the fact they were their friends and family lead them working alongside them, as before.   After many years of conflict it was a single drider by the name of Syndriel Myconna who managed to broker a peace between the surface and underground after being captured and then befriending those who captured him.

Basic Information


dark elves are almost identical to their surface dwelling cousins but their skin tone lies in the extreme ends of the spectrum. Driders appear from the waist upwards as a normal dark elf but from the waist down their body is that of a giant arachnid.

Biological Traits

Dark elves and driders have the same traits as that of the elves. the only notable differences are their naturally sun sensitive skin and the drider's spider like capabilities (such as web spinning and wall climbing)

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Dark elves and driders are mainly found residing in dark places, usually deep below ground.
The Dark Elves and Driders cover
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
dark elves range from inky black and dark purple skin tones to extreme whites and pale colourations. Some who descend from families who have spent nearly all of their time deep beneath the ground even have near translucent skin.
Related Ethnicities

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