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Bone Sea

The Bone Sea is the name most often given to the Encircled Sea by the inhabitants of the Outer Realms. It can also refer specifically to the portion of the Encircled Sea bordering the Sothren Empire.

According to legend, the capital of the Sothren Empire once spread across an archipelago in the Encircled Sea. But Shynar and the other gods wrought a great Devastation, ripping the magic from a vast portion of the bordering Realms, and sinking the Sothren islands with all their inhabitants.

Those who survived built a new capital at the mouth of the great southern river that fed into the Encircled Sea. They have never forgotten the treachery of the northern demons, as they call the gods of the Bound Realms. But the sinking of their former city has made their new capital impenetrable to any invading army by sea, including their oldest rival, Királia.

The sunken ruins have formed an underwater labyrinth with only one safe passage through the maze, only wide enough to allow the passing of a single ship at a time, thus forcing any would be attackers to stretch their fleet out and be massacred as they passed through. The entrance to this passage is guarded and flanked by two fortified lighthouses. Only native sailors who have apprenticed and memorized the path can pass through.

If the incoming ships survive the hazards of the maze, and the draugr that infest it, they find themselves safely within a shallow bay with the white stone and hanging gardens of the Sothren capital city straddling the mouth of the southern river and rising on the mountain slopes above.

Fauna & Flora

The Bone Sea is haunted by the draugr. According to legend they are the spirits of those who drowned when the ancient city was swallowed, spirits who have taken on flesh to feed on the living.
Alternative Name(s)
Encircled Sea
Inland Sea
Location under
Fantasy Landscape by Enrique Meseguer

Cover image: Atlantis Sea Ruins by Brigitte Werner


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