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The Archives of the Bound Realms

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Being a collection of all known lore, as well as persons of interest or significance, of the Bound Realms and various of the surrounding lands.

Well come, seeker. Herein lie the collected works of several scholars including my humble self and the great Vasilran of the Isle of Stars, amongst others. I have attempted with this collection and my small skill to illuminate both the happenings and somewhat of the character of these realms.

Accordingly, I have dredged myths from the darkness before the weaving of the Spindle Spire, and tales from the golden age of the rule of the Blessed Seven. But most especially I have sought to document the twilight days after the Seven met death at the hand of Madiyar the God Slayer, both the desperate darkness immediately following the gods’ fall and the rising light at the rebirth of the rule of men.

I and the scholars contained herein have recorded all with as much honesty and sincerity as we contain. But tread carefully, visitor, for Enara, Mother of Truth, is as ever also Mother of Lies. We poor scribes, for all that we strive for veracity, are ever at her mercy and can only record what we believe to be factual. It is up to you to decide the right of it.

—Leigh, Chief Archivist and Historian