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The Aquilan Isles

1 Groundswell 248 AE (Age of Enlightenment)

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The Aquilan Isles represents in its current state a world fractured. Isolationist races, suspicion and deceit around every corner, it's often hard to find trust in these lands. But once earned, you can rely on that trust being heavily protected, that is at least until they possibly change their mind...   The realm is split in it's mindset. After a costly full-scale world war, many races have been hunted to almost extinction. Some races are now classed as kill on sight, with others living in secrecy, in fear of being found and made to suffer the lifetime banishment to the prison isle of Quietus.   That said, legends do tell of the occasional free city, often independent states who welcome all who make it, regardless of race. One must always question the generosity of these gestures however, after all exploiting a race for the monetisation of its culture can hardly be considered a charitable cause, can it?   Choose your enemies wisely here. And your friends, even more so...   After all, all it takes is a single mistake here in...   THE AQUILAN ISLES.

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