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The Annals Of Ordu

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At the ruins of the crumbling kingdoms. In a time of majesty and decay. When great kings and heroes in their mighty golden halls grow bloated in their hubris. Then the dormant gods of the ancient wilds will awaken and take back that which rightfully belongs to them.

  The times have grown bleak. Fields have yielded an unnaturally small crop, something that the northerners are trying to medicine with ever growing blood rituals. The cities are riddled with corruption and bandits roam the lands. There are even talks of sightings of something even worse. Tensions are high and there are rumors of a war. They say that the cold-bloods in their glittering halls no longer care for ancient pacts and oaths, sworn by their honored ancestors.   The hourglass has been turned. Something ancient rises from the beyond and a devious plan has been put to motion.  
Ordu is a high fantasy setting with hints of scifi influences. It is a world of wonder, intrique, bloodied heroes and cosmic horrors.