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The Reset

When a universe is winding down, it's natural instinct is to spread it's "seeds", in hopes of repopulation. These metaphorical seeds are manifested by a team, commissioned to be the harbingers of a new reality. Each participant is chosen for their academic, athletic, or emotional prowess, and is put through further trials once the selection is complete.


Once the chosen team has completed and passed their "training", they are transported to a building. This area has elements of all historical eras built right into its walls, and an uncountable number of tally marks etched into every surface. Notes and scraps of paper are strewn across the floor and tables. An unknown number of rooms are found, and there appear to be over 200 floors. Upon being transported to this construct, a note can be found lying on a table next to you. The note reads as follows: "Hello, and welcome to the rest of your life. This may seem overwhelming, and your job here may seem impossible at times, but trust me, you'll have plenty of downtime. Your duty, as assigned to you by the literal universe, is to become a god. Shortly, a message will appear on the screen straight ahead of you, and it will detail your exact instructions. I apologize in advance, but this is your life now."


The command center is manifested in an infinite void, and has been built up over the centuries by each team that inhabits it. This void is outside of the universe itself, and isn't affected by anything that happens inside it. It's an infinite, yet vastly untraversable.


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