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The Angel Project: A Briefing

From: Torres, Adrian, ██████@████.gov
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2018
To: ███████████, ████@████.gov
Subject: ENCRYPTED - Welcome

  Good afternoon, Dr. ███   Firstly, I wanted to inform you that your most recent background check has been reviewed. This is, as you know, the final step in the process. For that, you have my congratulations. You are now officially an employee of the Angel Project. My colleagues and I want to thank you for your continued patience. Suffice to say, a recent security concern has caused the entire team to be even more cautious than we may have been previously.   At this point, I am at liberty to explain what it is we do at The Angel Project. Our lab focuses on human genetic and surgical enhancement with the goal of military advantage. I’m sure you’ve gathered that much already. The Project began in 1967, and in the 42 years since it’s conception, we have seen great success. The first generation of subjects are nearly ready for release into the military. You will be working closely with them as well as all subsequent generations. Attached is the file of your predecessor. In it you will find which subjects he was working with for which experiments before his termination. It would be best if you could pick up where he left off.   At this point I will stress the fact that the patents on these enhancements are owned by the United States Government and are highly classified. Disclosure of any information related to The Angel Project to the public, the media, or any other third party is considered treason. I know you are aware of this as well, from the contracts you have signed at the beginning and conclusion of the hiring process.   We would like you in the office on Friday to introduce yourself. Your ID badge will be printed and ready for you then, so please speak with security personnel to escort you to ██████ ████. After receiving your badge, we would like you to attend the biweekly Ethics Committee meeting. All procedures must be approved by the Ethics Committee so it would be in your best interest to meet those reviewing your future experimental proposals. I have also attached a briefing about the Ethics Committee. I encourage you to read this before Friday.   I look forward to meeting you in person. And lastly, welcome to The Angel Project.   Adrian Torres,
Personnel A Class


The Angel Project is a psychological thriller following the day to day life of Dr. Van Agteren, his colleagues, and the subjects of The Angel Project. Themes addressed are ethics, character, and the nature of power dynamics in relationships

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