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Havinite (Ethnicity)

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Names have roots in nature   Amber   Azure   Bianca   Brooke   Ebony   Eira   Hazel   Jade   Meadow   Olive   Sierra   Talia   Varsha

Masculine names

Names have roots in nature   Adler   Ash   Aspen   Briar   Clay   Elm   Hyacinth   Indigo   Jasper   Oriel   Reed   Rowen   Terran   Wren

Unisex names

Names have roots in nature   Acacia   Bay   Clover   Cove   Dill(ian)   Eden   Watson   Wisteria

Family names

Last names originate from a common naming tradition. It is the mother's first name with the suffic -son added at the end.   Lilyson   Larkson   Riverson   Skyson   Amaranthson


Major language groups and dialects

They speak a dialct of Andersi called Haveni. It is a flowery language.

Culture and cultural heritage

Their culture is in the past. They hold a high regard to nature and the natural world, and have only slightly adapted with the outside world so they didn't fall into complete poverty. Havenwood is the only town that has the potential to be self sufficient in the event of an emergecny. They are a people of music. Work songs are commonplace in the area. Everyone is taught how to sing, and those who cannot sing learn how to keep a beat.

Shared customary codes and values

Havinites have a shared value in nature and the natural world.   They don't like new technology, magic, or change, prefering to keep to the old ways "when everything made sense"

Average technological level

Steam power, coal power. A lot of it is still done by hand as they're resistnat to the industrial revoltion. They want to keep their middle age lifestyle.

Common Etiquette rules

It's proper to escort a lady wherever she goes, no matter who the woman is. The Lordess Eliza usually has three or four escorts as a time. Havinite's take being on time serious. Being late is a big problem because they work around the sun while the rest of the world has moved towards lanturns and electricity.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

There is a weekly music festival where the workers come and sing songs, and the people dance and have a good time. iIt is one of their few forms of entertainment. It is custom to bring a bouquet of flowers to someone's house when you visit.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

When a child is born in a family, it is tradition to plant a tree in the front of the dwelling, so that it grows in tadem with the child.

Coming of Age Rites

Coming of age rites are mostly regulated by The Ander Vale government. Children are returned to their families at the age of 17. The return of these children are celebrated with a large musical festival held in their honor.

Common Taboos

Hunting an animal for sport, not necessity. Destorying parts of the forest for self gain without having a way to revitialize what was taken. Causing any selfish harm to the natural world

Common Myths and Legends

The people believe that there is a spirit that lives within the Havenwood Forest that they've named Jeremiah. This Jeremiah is said to be a spectral hunter who watches over the forest, destroying anyone who would dare disrupt the natural flow of it. He's said to be a ghostly blue color, wearing a black cloak and weilding a bow.   The Well of Youth is also a common legend. It's said to cause one to become youthful at the price of the land's essence.

Historical figures

Bellthyne Havenwood: The Wood Elf who founded Old and New Havenwood. She lived to be 1543, and died peacefully in her sleep. A statue was carved into an ancient tree in her honor. This tree still stands, with her carving still intact.   Hjall Vord: A sorcerer who created the Well of Youth. Many curse his name for destorying Old Havenwood.


Beauty Ideals

Someone who smells like a campfire or the forest is seen as pleasent. A little bit of dirt on the face isn't as gross to the Havinites as it is to others. It's a sign of nature, and thriving in it. The more natural colored clothes and styles, the more attractive one is percieved.

Gender Ideals

They have more value of the women of the household than the men. They have a lot of control on what happens in a household and such since they are the ones who give birth to the children.

Courtship Ideals

Any legal relationship has to be approved by The Ander Vale Governent.

Major organizations

G Babes are in high concentration here.   G.A.S.K. (Government Approved Serial Killers) are also present here, though they are mostly inactive awaiting orders.   The Havenwood Guard   The Ander Vale Child Allocation Compound
Related Locations

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