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The Ancient Expanse

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When there is no more room in the Underworld, the dead will walk Helvenia.

  A new age brings with it new heroes. Boethus, a simple blacksmith from Andrussos, rallied an army of heroes and emissaries to capture Xenos for breaking the Laws of Intervention.   After a hard fought battle in the Underworld, Byllodes, is celebrating the victory of their heroes. However, during the celebrations it doesn't look like all is well.Apparently, now that the lord of Hades is gone, no one is shepherding the spirits of the dead back to the world. While the heroes are arguing about how to punish Xenos. These spirits are flooding the overworld of Thespessos.   The heroes themselves don't see the problem with this, as they see Hades itself as a place that needs to destroyed, in their eyes, it doesn't matter if the world gets destroyed with it, it is all for the greater good. As the gods themselves are not allowed to intervene, they hire a new group of mortals to travel to Tartarus. With a deadly mix of combat, subterfuge, diplomacy and divine help, they have to defeat this group of 'heroes' and free Xenos from their clutches.

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