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Session 24: Girls' Night

General Summary

A word of advice... don’t get on the wrong side of pirates. - Vincenzo
  Sitting outside the Tawny Treads’ main hall, after having your rather disturbing fortunes read, the party discussed their next plans. Marcus revealed that he has a history with Major Llewelyn Glass, and that his main goal was to save him. The party agreed this would be their next objective. You then returned to Sunnytimes Cofeehouse in the ramshackle slums of Heaven’s Kitchen, but found that the waitress, Vanya, had disappeared, and the Luda’s apartment had been ransacked. Investigating, you found an unfamiliar dead body beneath the counter, who you surmised was Marlo, sans head…   You investigated the scene and deduced that the mysterious figure you know only as ‘S’ may be responsible for the murder – and, perhaps, Vanya’s kidnapping. You spoke to Amos, owner of the Downer Diner, whom Luda tormented and got some information out of him regarding his recent selling of his establishment, after a man persuaded him with some gold. You found a black feather and a strand of pink hair, evidence that Lev and K-Jack had been there recently.   On the way out of Heaven’s Kitchen, you met a man whose wife had recently been brutally killed – in a moment of generosity, you gave the man and his family some money, a croquembouche, and a knife. You visited East Market for some supplies, where Olechka bought some armour, you arranged some commissions at the enchanter’s, Lestie purchased some kebabs, and you met Josephine Suits. In preparation for the upcoming girls’ night, there was a makeover montage and a short rest, before you found the Shining Serpent.   The Serpent was oddly quiet – a tense atmosphere broken only by your clinking of glasses. Lestie met Baptiste, who warned her of a coming eschaton – Ramia would return to the world and drown the All Sanctum, punishment for their ignorance. Lestie told Baptiste that she had already met Ramia, in the form of her previous captain Maira, but they had a falling out. Lestie also reminisced on a past love, to the embarrassment of Baptiste. Before too long, though, Vincenzo burst in, watchwards in tow, and confronted the party about having allegedly killed his friend, Marlo, and several watchwards. As Marcus thrust his sword toward Vincenzo, the man whistled and the curtain was drawn to reveal twenty watchwards, blades at the ready…

Character(s) interacted with

Amos   K-Jack   Josephine Suits   Enchanter Marcel   Baptiste Malatesta   Vincenzo Fiorensi
Report Date
07 May 2022

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