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Shilian is a major language spoken by the Shilians. Officially known as 'Unified Shilian' it was invented by combining many languages of the Shilian species at the end of the Planetary War.   It has 17 tenses and 8 subjects (I, you, personal, inclusive we, exclusive we, you all, they all, it)  

Conjugation example (Verb: To work)

  To Work: Ghua.   I: Jzhe   You: Jzha   X: Jzhi, Jzho, Jzhu   It: Jzhet   We inclusive: Jzhezha   We exclusive: Jzhezhail   You all: jzhail   They: jzhuil   Unknown: Jzhus  

Simple present:

  Jzhe Ghua   Jzha Ghua   Jzhi/Jzho/Jzhu Ghua   Jzhet Ghua   Jzhezha Ghua   Jzhezhail Ghua   Jzhail Ghua   Jzhuil Ghua   Jzhus Ghua  

Present Progressive:

  Jzheye Ghuan   Jzhaya Ghuan   Jzhiyi/Jzhoyo/Jzhuyu Ghuan   Jzhete Ghuan   Jzhezhaeya Ghuan   Jzhezhaileyal Ghuan   Jzhailal Ghuan   Jzhuilul Ghuan   Jzhusou Ghuan  

Present Perfect Simple:

  Jzhese Ghua   Jzhasa Ghua   Jzhisi/Jzhoso/Jzhusu Ghua   Jzhete Ghua   Jzhezhaesa Ghua   Jzhezhailesal Ghua   Jzhailal Ghua   Jzhuilul Ghua   Jzhusou Ghua  

Present Perfect Progressive:

  Jzhesey Ghuan   Jzhasay Ghuan   Jzhisiy/Jzhosoy/Jzhusuy Ghuan   Jzhete Ghuan   Jzhezhaseya Ghuan   Jzhezhailseyal Ghuan   Jzhailal Ghuan   Jzhuilul Ghuan   Jzhusou Ghuan  

Present conditional:

  Jzheke ghua   Jzhaka ghua   Jzhiki/Jzhoko/Jzhuku ghua   Jzhetek ghua   Jzhezhaeka ghua   Jzhezhailekal ghua   Jzhailak ghua   Jzhuiluk ghua   Jzhusouk ghua  

Simple past:

  Jzhe Ghuad   Jzha Ghuad   Jzhi/Jzho/Jzhu Ghuad   Jzhet Ghuad   Jzhezha Ghuad   Jzhezhail Ghuad   Jzhail Ghuad   Jzhuil Ghuad   Jzhus Ghuad  

Past Progressive:

  Jzheye Ghuaden   Jzhaya Ghuadan   Jzhiyi/Jzhoyo/Jzhuyu Ghuadun   Jzhete Ghuaden   Jzhezhaeya Ghuadena   Jzhezhaileyal Ghuadenal   Jzhailal Ghuadan   Jzhuilul Ghuadun   Jzhusou Ghuadoun  

Past perfect simple:

  Jzhese Ghuad   Jzhasa Ghuad   Jzhisi/Jzhoso/Jzhusu Ghuad   Jzhete Ghuad   Jzhezhaesa Ghuad   Jzhezhailesal Ghuad   Jzhailal Ghuad   Jzhuilul Ghuad   Jzhusou Ghuad  

Past perfect progressive:

  Jzhesey Ghuaden   Jzhasay Ghuadan   Jzhisiy/Jzhosoy/Jzhusuy Ghuadun   Jzhete Ghuaden   Jzhezhaseya Ghuadena   Jzhezhailseyal Ghuadenal   Jzhailal Ghuadan   Jzhuilul Ghuadun   Jzhusou Ghuadoun  

Past conditional:

  Jzheke ghuad   Jzhaka ghuad   Jzhi/Jzho/Jzhuku ghuad   Jzhetek ghuad   Jzhezhaeka ghuad   Jzhezhailekal ghuad   Jzhailak ghuad   Jzhuiluk ghuad   Jzhusouk ghuad  

Future simple definite:

  Jzheet Ghua   Jzhaat Ghua   Jzhiit/Jzhoot/Jzhuut Ghua   Jzhette Ghua   Jzhezhaate Ghua   Jzhezhailatel Ghua   Jzhailtal Ghua   Jzhuiltul Ghua   Jzhusout Ghua  

Future simple going:

  Jzheet Ghuate   Jzhaat Ghuata   Jzhiit/Jzhoot/Jzhuut Ghuatu   Jzhette Ghuaet   Jzhezhaate Ghuaeta   Jzhezhailatel Ghuaetal   Jzhailtal Ghuatal   Jzhuiltul Ghuatul   Jzhusout Ghuayou  

Future conditional definite/going:

  Jzheke ghuate   Jzhaka ghuata   Jzhi/Jzho/Jzhuku ghuatu   Jzhetek ghuaet   Jzhezhaeka ghuaeta   Jzhezhailekal ghuaetal   Jzhailak ghuatal   Jzhuiluk ghuatul   Jzhusouk ghuayou  

Future progressive:

  Jzheet ghuaete   Jzhaat ghuaata   Jzhiit/Jzhoot/Jzhuut ghuautu   Jzhette ghuatet   Jzhezhaate ghuaateta   Jzhezhailatel ghuaatele   Jzhailtal ghuatala   Jzhuiltul ghuatulu   Jzhusout ghuaotu  

In the future simple:

  Jzhe ghuaet   Jzha ghuaat   Jzhi/Jzho/Jzhu ghuaut   Jzhet ghuate   Jzhezha ghuaate   Jzhezhail ghuaatel   Jzhail ghuatal   Jzhuil ghuatul   Jzhus ghuaout  

In the future progressive:

  Jzheye ghuaet   Jzhaya ghuaat   Jzhiyi/Jzhoyo/Jzhuyu ghuaut   Jzhete ghuate   Jzhezhaeya ghuaate   Jzhezhaileyal ghuaatel   Jzhailal ghuatal   Jzhuilul ghuatul   Jzhusou ghuaout  

In the future conditional:

  Jzheke ghuaet   Jzhaka ghuaat   Jzhi/Jzho/Jzhuku ghuaut   Jzhetek ghuate   Jzhezhaeka ghuaate   Jzhezhailekal ghuaatel   Jzhailak ghuatal   Jzhuiluk ghuatul   Jzhusouk ghuaout   Structure


The Shilian alphabet consists of 63 letters which have both a sound and a name relating to traditional Shilian society and science. There are also 9 numbers and 18 punctuation marks, again with names relating to society and science.


Every paragraph must begin with a beginning and finish with an end.

Common Phrases
Jzhail Star Jzhailanje Sun (Lit: Your star) Kither Child Yhal Far Is Life (Lit: To be) Coth First Hyafac Hello Yhalahyufad Earth (Lit: Outer place of others) Hyac delah Winter, night (Lit: Far side of the planet) Myac delah Summer, day (Lit: Near side of the planet) Gartrah Blizzard/Inferno

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