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Nunal are a species from the Surat system, known to Humans as the Kepler-452 system. They come from the only planet in their solar system, which is called Alya. They look sort of similar to humans, but with pointed ears which can close and dark marks under their eyes. They also have an inner eyelid.   They are extreme omnivores, eating almost anything. They live in underground cave systems to hide from the heat of their star, as their planet is on the inner edge of the habitable zone. Nunal mostly grow their own fruit and vegetables in an above ground cool garden, and they grow fungi in underground gardens.   Nunal drink a lot less than humans but they eat a lot.   Nunal normally enter into relationships with one other person of their preferred gender. Nunal can have up to four children per birth and can get pregnant at any point of the year.   Children are raised by the whole family and do not leave the cave until they are four years old. They often have large families, in excess of 30 members. Any adult and child above the age of four will take part in babysitting for younger children. Adults will teach older children how to capture prey, including how to remove venom from the vescor.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Two arms and two legs. Muscular.

Genetics and Reproduction

Gestation lasts 7 months.

Growth Rate & Stages

They go through several stages. A baby stage lasting four years where they stay within the cave for safety, a childhood stage lasting 7 years where they learn about the world and begin to grow and an adolescent stage where they become fertile.

Ecology and Habitats

Desert/savanna caves above 30 celsius. Their planet is experiencing an anti-greenhouse effect as their population, and therefore amount of plants growing increases, as plants soak up carbon dioxide. This is therefore making their climate cooler.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

They look a bit like neanderthals with dark marks under their eyes.

Average Intelligence

IQ 80

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Extremely good sense of smell and hearing, good eyesight, poor tactile sense.

Ecological classification

Type Persistance predator Location Tertiary Activity Diurnal

Physical classification

Major movement Terious Minor movement(s) Aquious Stance Bipedal Biology Primania

Socialogic classification

Expansionism Semi expansionist Social Extreme extrovert Self Semi individualist

Sexual classification (average)

Partners Minor monosexual Sexuality Major multisexual heterosexual


Scientific Mid IQ Artistic High creativity Focal High focal

Technological level

Expansion Galactic Energy resources Advanced Information class N Mastery Galactic   Age of sexual maturity 18 years Method of first contact Ship, Lutaya Home Alya Domain Surat Stellar system Surat Sun Sarul Places visited Intraspecies relations Good Interspecies relations Average GP membership Yes Major languages Nayan, Lurad, Ranith, Dakatag, Canda Major alphabets Nitan, Cynic, Hadata Average auditory range 30hz - 20000hz Maximum recorded auditory range 20hz - 21000hz Average visual spectrum 300-940Thz Maximum recorded visual spectrum 290-940Thz Biological sex ratio (M:N:F) 3:1:6
Scientific Name
Suratac Yaun Nunal
70 years
Conservation Status
No concern.
Average Height
Average Weight
40-70 kg
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Often have mid-dark skin. Near the poles, where the anti-greenhouse effect is most noticeable, skin tone seems to be slowly getting lighter, however this is only really noticeable over millions of years.

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