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Introduction to The Aliens

You are being judged

  No, not you as a person, you as a species! The Aliens is a science fiction comedy about members of different human-passing species in an organisation called the Galactian Prime going to Earth to put humanity on trial. On the way, they discover that humans are, quite possibly, the most confusing species in the galaxy.  

By species' which look like you

  Five members of the Galactian Prime have travelled to Earth. Each is from a different species, which is, if you don't look too closely, human-passing. Kythe Aseyaka hyath Dyarjh lsan Yhalah Ethaden Shilis., a Shilian, Oscetu, a Tregule, Solnu, a Nunal, Sahir, a Trastask and Rahi'na, a Napaki.  
Kythe Aseyaka.
Character | Sep 27, 2019
Oscetu Heschi
Character | Sep 24, 2019
Solnu Flurao
Character | Apr 14, 2019
Sahir Ura
Character | Apr 14, 2019
Rahi'na Taleda conu Detano
Character | Apr 15, 2019

Sending data back to more species

  Not every species looks like Humans, for example, the current leader of the Galactian Prime is a Bierrbereies, an aquatic species. The galaxy is a very diverse space, and Humans will probably benefit from joining... if you're ready...
The Field of Stars
The feild of stars is a galaxy, also known as the Milky Way, where the Galactian Prime is located.
Science fiction comedy
Humorous, can be dark
Aliens arrive on Earth to judge if humanity is ready to join the Galactian Prime.
Humans are weird (internet tag), H2G2 (Sci-com franchise)
Humanity on Trial, Humans Through Alien Eyes, Humanoid Aliens, Token Human, A.I. is Crapshoot, Casual Interstellar Travel, First Contact, Galactic Superpower, British Humour, Comically Missing the Point, Alien Lunch, Left the Background Music On, Overly Long Name, Running Gag, Uranus is Showing

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