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Hyperspace Transport Ship

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Hyperspace Transport Ships are ships which can transport people and things through hyperspace. They are used quite commonly throughout the galaxy, as they allow for fast, seemingly effortless, transport.   The cheapest hyperspace transport ships are on sale for about 6000 Galriks, however they can be much more expensive, depending on size, armour, weapons, sensor, communication tools and other additional upgrades.   Every HTS comes with a H/He fusion/fission drive, which pensively fuses and fissions hydrogen and helium, and it’s powered by solar energy. Due to a lack of solar energy in hyperspace, this can be rather risky itself, and therefore there is also a small backup generator, which is used to produce enough energy to automatically bring you out of hyperspace should the engine run out, this is often powered by, err... solar energy. Nobody is quite sure why the government hasn’t spotted the slight issue here.   HTS’s are not needed to travel through pre-established hyperspace wormholes, as the connection between the two locations in space is already there, making travel not only instantaneous, but also extremely safe. Ships traveling through HSW's do not actually enter hyperspace.

Power Generation

H/He fusion/fission drive powered by solar energy.


Nuclear fusion/fission

Weapons & Armament

Standard models come with none, laser cannons are a common upgrade, especially for teams playing LaserChase, however they are commonly available due to their low risk of actually destroying anything, just don’t shine the laser Cannon in someone’s eyes. These are available for 100 in red, 500 in green and 5000 in blue, due to the increasing risk of injury.

Armor and defense

3rd grade hull plating as standard, can be upgraded to 7 thy grade for an additional 2000 per level.

Communication Tools & Systems

The ships come with an onboard computer, often one designed by S.H.I.T. Industries. Standard computers come with basic CommuSys software, which allows communication only in teals point ace


Can range between 100m to 3000000m. However, they are only safe to use with sensors which range to a minimum of 7000000000m, so need to be upgraded separately.

Additional & auxiliary systems

None as standard

Hangars & docked vessels

Come with one escape pod, which is useless because of you use it in hyperspace you’re going to die anyway.
Owning Organization
ℂ 6307
Quite common
Shortest are 500m, longest are 4000m
Shortest are 50m, tallest are 400m
> LS
Complement / Crew
5 < x < 169
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
1420 < x < 11169

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