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The Garthzjhahkrulisgdgrêsh is a Shilian weapon. It has two parts, a short blade (Frazhgd) which in combat is used to cut the hair of those in battle which is positioned between the (inner) thumb and first finger. The second part (isgdgrêsh) is a longer curved blade which is held pointing out the hand where the 8th finger is and is used in combat to kill or injure the fighters. Normally modern Garhzjhahkrulisgdgrêsh has a blunted Isgdgrêsh and the skill of fighting with it is only taught as it is traditional.   The Frazhgd is still sharp, as it is still used to cut hair during modern combats, which are usually fought with words. This shows that someone has angered someone to the point where the discussion has turned from an argument to a 'Zjhahterj a zerkherf', which has no translation to the human language English


Translation: Warrior's weapon
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Common on Shilis and in th Jzhailanje system.

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