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Constellation of Candreli

The Constellation of Candreli is, from an observer in the Jzhailanje system , the location in which the Earth's Solar System is located. There are no other natural locations where the constellation can be seen.   Currently, the constellation is important in Galactian society, due to the Earth being assessed for possible membership in the Galactian Prime. This has caused an increase in interest in the area, and tourism numbers have raised, even though Sol still isn't a holiday destination.   Sol is, however, available as a holo-day destination, with 3D scans of the various planets and moons serving as destinations where you can visit holographic replications.   Candrelli, in mythology, is a cyclops. The constellation has been named after this cyclops, due to the one bright star, above what is often described as looking like a face.


Candreli contains seven stars, one of which is the Earth's sun, Sol. The majority of the stars are either red, orange or yellow, but one, the Eye of Candrelli is white. The other stars make a strange low-poly face.

Fauna & Flora

Most of this is on Earth, although there is some limited flora on a few other planets.

Natural Resources

Mainly stone from rocky planets and gas from gas giants. Icy gasses can be found in ice giants, and ice in comets. There's also plenty of asteroids.


Candrelli is usually used for navigation, by those crossing the night from dawn to dusk (east to west), as it seems to match the orbit of the planet Shilis, which is tidally locked. As such, even before it was discovered that there was a sentient species within Cantrelli,


Tourists have visted planets in all systems but Sol's, due to the human inhabitants, who have not yet joined the Galactian society.   Tourist companies have, however, started drawing up tourist plans of many of Sol's planets.

Star System Sector
Location under
The Field of Stars
Owning Organization
United Nations

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