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Artificially Intelligent machines

Machines which can think for themselves.

Artificial Intelligence, shortened to AI and also known as Artificial Consciousness (AC), Machine Intellignce (MC) and Machine Consciousness (MC) is a type of machine which is either sentient, or can mimic sentience. Artificial Intelligence allows machines to problem solve, as well as learn.   Artificially Intelligent machines combine the positive aspects of consciousness (Awareness, memory, learning, anticipation) with the positive aspects of machines, which can increase security and the abilities of a crew.   Tests exist to tell if a machine has artificial intelligence or not, the most common being one where a machine carries out a conversation with a person, at the same time as they carry out a conversation with another person, for a given time. At the end of the test the person will then say whether they think there was a machine or person on each end of the conversation.  

Ethical Issues

  There are many groups who have stated that using Artificially Intelligent machines as tools, often within a confined area, is morally wrong. As AI machines are conscious, they claim that they should be treated as any other species, and allowed more autonomy. Pressure groups such as End AI Slavery and Robot Rights have pointed out the irony of a society which claims to accept any conscious species, yet mistreats a 'conscious species of their own creation'.


Often used for navigation, sometimes used to supply companionship.
Access & Availability
Most computers on spaceships and space stations use VDH technology. There are other uses for AI, normally robots, on moons and planets, such as in service jobs and manufacturing.
Very complex, as a species' brain is simulated by a computer.
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