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The Age of Embers

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For over five thousand years, the gods protected the entire world from the dangers of chaotic entities originating from another world seeking to annihilate all existence. These gods ruled the world as kings, lords, and knights and actively answered prayers of their subjects within their domains. They and their clerics also crafted wonderous and magical artefacts to help increase the betterment of the peoples of the world, from the simple healing draught to the almighty flying continents above.   However, one century ago, Thanatheon. In a single instant, every single god perished. It is not known what caused this traumatic event. Scholars and Magi have long since sought out the answer of what can kill a god. But this event would cause ultimate turmoil in the world.   The magicks that stemmed from the gods lost all their power. Clerics were unable to heal the sick nor fight the wicked. The seals holding back the various chaotic entities began to weaken, unleashing a surge of destruction and havoc. The magical artefacts became intricate paperweights at best or caused a great cataclysmic disaster that would end the lives of myriads at worst.   With the loss of leadership, the fate of the world has fallen to men. Some take this power honorably and with good intentions. Others seek to increase power for themselves. Wars were inevitable.   It has been four years since the turmoil and chaos following Thanatheon has ended. The world has regained some manner of balance. But it is now a shadow of its former self.   The Age of Light has ended. Now there are only embers. The Age of Embers.