The Kingdom of Karyce

Hierarchy of Monarchs

  • His Majesty the King
  • Her Majesty the Queen
  • His Royal Highness the Prince
  • Her Royal Highness the Princess

Hierarchy of Nobles

  • The Regent
  • Duke/Duchess
  • Count/Countess
  • Baron/Baroness

Hierarchy of Military Leaders

  • The Highlord of the King's Forces
  • The General of the Military Forces
  • The Admiral of the Naval Forces


Originally founded in 733 by Larvan Bryce and his two sons.   Karyce was initially set up as a farmstead that quickly grew in size. The increase in size was largely down to Larvan and his sons' protecting nearby farmers from raiders who moved closer as a result.     In the beginning, the farmstead was simply called Cliffstead Farm but soon became the town now known as Cliffstead Town.   The Rise of the Monarchy
In 811, Kardin, the great-grandson of Larvan decided the family would declare Cliffstead a country and installed himself as the king with the backing of the people living there. This resulted in them having their first war, a war in which Kardin and his son led the people to victory. Soon after the war, the men on Cliffstead were known for their vicious horsemen and feared in the local regions.
  The Rename
Never being intended to be a large, fortified city, Cliffstead town quickly became highly undefendable. In 817, King Kardin ordered for a new city to be built with the primary focus being defense. The new city once built was named Karyce and became the new capital and the name of the kingdom.
  The Land Grab
In 1004, the king of Crithales ordered his soldiers to secure the northern lands, preventing Karyce from taking more land south of the Karyce capital. A land that the king of Crithales believed rightfully belonged to them.   In 1005, the king of Crithales declared war on Karyce after the king refused to acknowledge that the lands belonged to the kingdom of Crithales. Crithales destroyed the town of Skollen in a battle that lasted less than a day.   The king of Karyce responded by taking his feared cavalry south and burned several small villages to the ground. This led to an all-out war that lasted for four years and only ended when Karyce agreed to refrain from settling new cities within 15 miles of the Crithales border.   In a statement of power, the king of Crithales took the king of Karyce’s eldest son (Norban) and married him off to a servant girl in his royal kitchens. The king’s son, Norban was turned into a servant and lived out his short life serving the Crithales royal family.   Norban died at the age of 37 after being thrown from the top floor of the palace.
  The Great Unite
In 1698, the king of Serenyon and the king of Karyce agreed to an arranged marriage between their eldest children and unite their kingdoms. A move that many nobles from both kingdoms agreed on was necessary after Crithales had married one of its princesses some years before to Stormhold. Most of the Karyce population believed Crithales was planning for war and this was their only option to try and prevent the war from being against them.   Both Countries agreed that the firstborn child would become the leader of both countries and create a new superpower.

Demography and Population

Founding Date
12 / 7 - 733
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title
  • Tin Coins
  • Bronze Coins
  • Silver Coins
  • Gold Coins
Major Exports
  • Horses
  • Trade wagons
Major Imports
  • Metals
Official Languages

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