The Inquisitors of the Embrace

The Inquisitors are the law bringers of the Cold Embrace, intended to eliminate anyone who goes against the doctrine or teachings of the Cold Embrace.


The Inquisitors are handpicked from an early age, usually from noble families. It is a great honor to serve the Anarious family, and as such, allied noble houses in some cases offer their children to be raised as an Inquisitor. The children serve the Lord of the Inquisitors until they’re ready to become one themselves. They are trained in a specific fighting technique called ‘Shadowcalling’, in which they learn to fight with melee weapons combined with blood magic. Once they’re ready, they’ll go through what is known as the Rite of the Shadowcall. This process will render them infertile, lose pigmentation and their emotions will be suppressed. However, their senses are heightened and they’re physically able to endure more than the average person. Additionally, a part of this process makes their eyes have a faint blue glow to them.


The Inquisitors are tasked to deal with internal affairs within the organization. Members of the Cold Embrace that at any point deviates from the laws of the faction will be hunted down by the Inquisitors. Additionally, they’re tasked with upholding the ideals set forth by the Anarious family, and maintain order through fear across the faction.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The Inquisitors are required to have blind faith and loyalty in the Anarious family. If by any chance an Inquisitor were to question their loyalty to House Anarious, they would be removed by force. Additionally, the Inquisitors follow a strict codex written by the Anarious family. Failure to follow the code will result in termination.
Civic, Law
Form of Address
Lord Inquisitor / Lady Inquisitor
Alternative Naming
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First Holder
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