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The Elven Covenant

Hierarchy of Primary Leaders

  • High Elder of the Covenant
  • Lord / Lady of the Crescent
  • Covenant Ranger Commander
  • Ranger General of the Legion
  • Ranger General of the Highborn
  • Minster of the People

Public Agenda

To restore balance in the natural world.



The capital of the covenant thrives upon the endless income of Moon Silver. This is the rare and unique mineral used as currency among the elven species. The Highborn family lives on this wealth and uses it to push forward their agenda.  

Cities, Towns & Villages

Aside from the capital, the covenant has several villages around the country of Fariondor.  

War Vessels

The elven war vessels are mainly comprised of ships. Unlike the human kingdoms, the elves have a strong connection with the beasts of nature and rely on their assistance for mobility and warfare.


The History of the Elven Covenant.   The Aftermath of Elvanor
Following the tragic events of Elvanor in the late 200s, Ni’rosh Aeran’thil together with the remaining elves traveled east to the lands of Fariondor. They started the construction of the village, Moonstar, hidden deep inside the jungles of the southern landmass. It would grow to become the staple of the elven symbolism, using architectural designs from Elvanor, but with none of the magic. Ni’rosh believed that the only reason Elvanor fell in the first place was because they challenged the forces beyond their own world. Delving into the Ancient Arts would quickly become an act of defiance against their own people, and as such, any and all relations to the Ancient Arts would be banished.
  The Dawn of the Covenant
As the elven species grew and spread across Fariondor, new settlements arose. New laws were created and the hierarchy of the moon was established. Ni’rosh became the Highborn Elder of the union called the Elven Covenant. The Covenant aimed to unify the elves under one rule, but the idea that other villages and leaders would have to answer to one entity caused great conflict. However, Ni’rosh was not only one of the strongest elven fighters, but he had a large following of loyalists who would do anything for him. Believing that if any elf was discovered by the humans, the humans would come looking for them and ultimately push them to the brink of extinction. Therefore, Ni’rosh formed a secret militant force known as the Rangers of Haal’ari, to forcefully deal with anyone who would oppose or threaten the existence of the Covenant. This was a highly skilled group of true loyalists who would blindly follow the command of the High Elder. With time, the Elven Covenant paved way for the nobility to rise, known as the highborn. Unions within the Covenant were established, with the Silver Coven being the staple of control and wealth throughout the Elven Covenant.
  The Great Divide
In the early 700s, the elves of the Covenant made a discovery off the northern shores of Fariondor. A remote island hiding a long-forgotten secret of the past. When the artifact concealed at the heart of what would be known as the Ash’kar island was discovered, Ni’rosh strictly forbade any and all interactions with it. It was clear that whatever this Ash’kar relic was, it held a mysterious power that should not be meddled with. However, despite Ni’rosh’s clear warning, a group of elves kept venturing back to examine this relic. This would later create a divide between the Akachena and Stryth elves, one that would lead the Stryth elves to be banished from the Elven Covenant. This marked the rise of the Shadaerion Dominion.
  The War Within
After the realization that the hybrid born to an Akachena and Stryth had managed to elude death, Ni’rosh was lost in his mission to correct his mistake. A new species was on the rise known as the Vanghouls. As time passed, the Vanghouls grew to become a formidable adversary, one that would ultimately destroy Moonstar and cause great casualties for the Covenant. Leading his people to Starfire Island, the Elven Covenant would rise to become a much greater force than before. Despite his own council, Elder Ni’rosh traveled back to Aewyth in secrecy to meet with an old friend of the old Elvanor. To his surprise, Elvanor had been fully rebuilt at the heart of the mountains. Together with the elders of Elvanor, Ni’rosh signed an alliance pact between them in favor of getting access to an ancient power that would help his people. Despite the fact that he hated magic, he approved of an ancient spell that would conceal their island in a mist. Working with Elvanor, they would use the nearby island to the east of Starfire as a purgatory to capture the Vanghouls. By luring the Vanghouls to the seas, the elves sailed into the mist that covered both islands. However, the Vanghouls were caught by the current and pushed inland on the Vanquished Island. Unable to escape the island, the Vanghouls were forced to adapt to their new lives. The elves would actively try to defeat them on this island, but the Vanghouls proved to be resilient.

Demography and Population

  • No specific records are available


Ruled Regions of Fariondor

  • Unknown Regions

War Regions

  • No Active Regions

Technological Level

The elven species has their own unique path in terms of technologies. Unlike the humans, the elves do not use any type of harmful weaponry towards the environment, like Black Powder, and therefore limits themselves to non-explosive solutions.

Whispers of the Natural Order.

Political, Faction / Party
Alternative Names
The Guardians of the Night
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

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