The Black Rose Pirates

A pirate organization for hire.



They wear tight clothing and light leather.  

War Vessels

The Black Rose Ship 11 pirate ships


Daggers, short swords, and Bows.


The Black Rose Pirates are an organization focussed on high-priced hits.   They control parts of Crimson Island and a large part of their operations are run from there.   Newcomers to The Black Rose Pirates have to take an oath never to leave, if they try, they are hunted down and killed by the rest of the pirates. Once you are in, you're in and you are considered family. On Crimson Island the pirates are considered superior to many of the other pirate guilds.     The Beginning
The Black Rose Pirates was established in 1665 by two brothers, Tardule and Vander Black. Their original name was The Brothers of War and included a third brother, Kanderan. Brothers of War were originally set up as a mercenary group in 1651. The brothers offered their skills to the highest bidder in times of war or to fight off bandits from small villages.
  The Dirty Years
After six years of hardship and struggling to make ends meet, the brothers started to offer their services to rich nobles. Settling in Aergoras in 1658, it wasn’t long before the brothers were doing the dirty deeds for some of the richest men in Aewyth.
  The Hunt
In 1661, the king of Aergoras ordered his men to find out who was behind the killings in Aergoras after many of his people became too scared to go out at night. By this time, the brothers had become known as the Black Rose Killers. A nickname given to them by the people of Aergoras after the victims were found with a single black rose on their bodies.
  The Betrayal
In 1662, the Aergoras king’s men had managed to find out who was behind the killings. They managed to capture Kanderan and after making a deal with the king, he sold out his brothers to save his own life. After narrowly escaping Aergoras with their fortune, Tardule and Vander sailed away on the only vessel they had available, a small trade vessel. Knowing they were now going to be on the run permanently, the two brothers headed to new shores.
  The Black Rose
Arriving at Crimson Island in 1663, the two brothers spent a vast portion of their accumulated wealth on the construction of the Black Rose Ship. In 1664, the ship was completed and was deployed into the sea. Boasting many cannons and with striking features, the large war vessel quickly earned itself a fierce reputation as a ship destroyer, with many saying it was unsinkable.
  The Black Rose Pirates
In 1666, the brothers named themselves, The Black Rose Pirates. A name that now spreads fear into the heart of anyone who meets them on the battlefield, or sees one of their ships approaching them.
  The Black Rose Pirates Dynasty
In 1684, the brothers were one of the leading pirate guilds on Crimson Island and had managed to father 7 children between them.   In 1724, it is believed that the Black Rose Pirates have 12 ships and control a large number of men on Crimson Island. No one has known who the main leader is since the original brothers died of old age. Tardule passed away in 1701 and Vander passed away in 1704.   No one knows who officially runs the Black Rose Pirates currently. People only know that it’s the Black Rose family that runs the guild and to this day, they still leave a single black rose upon the body of anyone they kill.
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