Magical Talisman

Aspect of Magic

Talismans are used as a conduit for magic.
They allow the caster to channel Soul Essence in order to use a specific magic type.
A talisman is required to cast any form of magic.   

Creating a Talisman

A talisman can be crafted from materials related to specific magic types. 
They must be bound by a ritualistic engraving or bond in order to work. 
The following resources are required to make talismans for the different Magic types.  

- Air Magic

Raven Feather (Poor Quality)
Night Eagle Feather (Mid Quality)
Phoenix Feather (High Quality)

- Earth Magic

Maple Leaf Oak (Poor Quality)
Dragon's Blood Tree (Mid Quality)
White Oak (High Quality)

- Fire Magic

Gold (Poor Quality)
Diamond (Mid Quality)
Dragon Scale (High Quality)

- Water Magic

Oyster Pearl (Poor Quality)
Ocean Crystal (Mid Quality)
Abyss Crystal (High Quality)

- Blood Magic

Skull (Poor Quality)
Blood Night Gems (Mid Quality)
Dark Heart Crystal (High Quality)

- Arcane Magic

Amethyst Gems (Poor Quality)
Dragonfire Gems (Mid Quality)
Phoenix Gems (High Quality)

- Divine Magic

Night Pearl (Poor Quality)
Sun Crystal (Mid Quality)
Salihna's Tear (High Quality)
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable

Cover image: by Milena Popgeorgieva


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