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Yuma: Permanent Food

Canning your foods ain't got nothing on this, dweebs.

Ever wanted to know what food that won't go off for thousands of years would do to a setting where the way the average person kills another person in a battle is by stabbing them with a sword? Well now you get to know.

Yuma are a fungi that never go off. Never. In fact, when you cut them open into teeny tiny pieces and throw them in boiling water, you get Yuma juice.

Anything soaked in Yuma juice will from then on never go off. Never. It also gains nutritional value and Yuma juice is itself edible.

Animals generally refuse to eat Yuma... no rats ruining your Yuma stores nice.

Yuma fungi itself only grows in Hakaloktl's soil, making it Hakaloktl's biggest export. Hakaloktl has entire forests of massive Yuma fungi... literal mushroom forests and the shrooms are all edible oh yes oh yes if only it didn't give you cancer.


Material Characteristics

Chewy, taste bad. Blueish white.

Origin & Source

Hakaloktol shroom forests.

History & Usage


Hakaloktol, where these shrooms grow, has been inhabited longer than known history. The wildlife and people there have immune systems that are better at spotting and eliminating cancer cells, but still get cancer far more than Lamara's average due to the shroom being a regular part of their diet.

Everyday use

Emergency food... not used in regular food cos it tastes awful, except by the commoners of Hakaloktol.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Hakaloktol consider it to be extremely important and a gift from the god Hak, who they worshipped long before contact with the Lamaran Organized Faith and has been integrated into it.


Increases odds of getting cancer.

Enviromental Impact

Spill some juice on a carcass and part of that carcass will not rot or be broken down by anything other than the acids present in the stomachs of animals. Animals generally won't eat anything which has had such juice poured on it unless they're starving or forced to.



Can be stored pretty much anywhere inside since it never goes off. Hot places, cold places, doesn't matter.

Law & Regulation

No regulations. It's to a degree self regulating since the shrooms only grow in Hakaloktol, and nobody's throwing out food that will literally never go off in a country where death by starvation isn't a rare thing - or if they do it's an act of charity cos someone's definitely gonna grab it and eat it.
Pretty cheap.
Entire region with forests of it.
Kinda stinky.
Awful. Imagine eating blocks of vinegar. When stuff is soaked in the boiled juice this taste is pretty negligible tho.
Heavier than iron
Common State
Shroom forest
Related Professions

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1 Aug, 2021 03:24

I need Yuma juice. Now. Even if it might give my food a strange undertaste. :)

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
Thicc Shrek
Thicc Shrek
2 Aug, 2021 00:43

It ain't just the after taste it's the present taste...

huh just got the idea for this to be used in rich people burials so their corpses never rot...