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Lamara: The Nation of the Gods' Gift Peninsula

Larama is the most powerful known nation on or near the Mercy of the Gods continent, mostly because the Gift of the Gods Peninsula, where it's located, has almost no serious wildlife problems and is able to keep them out with massive, extremely heavily fortified walls where the peninsula meets the mainland, in addition to boasting sole possession of almost all of the magic warrior families and intent on pulling a good ol' Ash Ketchup "catch 'em all" on those they don't yet have sole possession of.

Larama has the most genetically diverse population, largest population, most advanced technology, largest infrastructure and, best of all, most frequent civil wars, though at least that is preferable to being at constant war with terrifying wildlife.

Many groups within that genetically diverse population are discriminated against and oppressed for the supposed crimes of their ancestors. Among these, much to the joy of many a school bully, are gingers due to the assumption that they must be somehow related to the Brijilds - The Fire Family, who kinda maybe killed a shitload of people burning down entire towns and villages during a civil war.

This country is meant to be fucked up, not my idea of a utopia and not somewhere I'd wanna live. Just clarifying due to certain "ah yes, if there is genocide and slavery in their writing they obviously must support those things" issues.


The Monarch

Their actual word for it, Krysimkomo - usually shortened to Krys in actual conversation, doesn't change based on the ruler's sex or gender, although that can be clarified by slapping la (female) or lo (male) on the end. Because of this, it translates best to Monarch.

Inheriting the position of Monarch follows gender equal primogeniture with disqualifying factors. Basically the below video but whether the child is male or female isn't a factor.

Like with British monarchs, being an illegitimate child disqualifies you, as does not being Krysa - Crystal Magic Family (this means your mother must be Krysa, as being Krysa refers to the Krysa abilities which are only inherited mother to child via mitochondrial DNA), being a heretic (as determined by the Head of Faith), following a religion other than the Lamaran organized faith ( Lamaran Religion -> requires updates), being in an illegal marriage such as by engaging in polygamy or marrying someone who follows another religion or being born with a disability (hiding child away and then going "nahhhhh their skull is shaped funny cos they fell down the stairs" go brrrr). Getting disqualified also removes any allowance to sit on the throne that would be given to your children through you, although they can still have a claim via their other parent (but for that to still amount to a significant claim requires a little something known as inbreeding).

Monarchs cannot abdicate but can install regents to run everything for them if they're not interested in running the country, and will usually have their more competent family members serve as advisors.
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An example of this is how the current Monarch on Sarah Bailey / "Seh-uh Belly"'s arrival in the Afterlife, the 14-year-old Kryslala who inherited the throne from her mother, has her father serve as the country's regent. Her mother before her had him as the main advisor.

Monarchs are required as a matter of religion to uphold Holy Blood Contracts. These are contracts signed with names in ink and then a drop of one's own blood is allowed to fall next to one's own signature, being signed by the parties making an agreement with each other and a priest or higher figure in the Lamaran Organized Faith, in the case of a Monarch signing it almost always being the Head of Faith.

Failure to uphold these contracts can be used as grounds for any Krysa who doesn't have any disqualifying factors to overthrow the Monarch and become the new Monarch, creating a reset of the royal lineage but also meaning that all previous Holy Blood Contracts by the crown are invalid.

Because of this, being able to force a Monarch to sign a Holy Blood Contract with you is an incredibly powerful thing, but takes a ridiculous amount of work as they don't sign them easily and that's even if you provide them with 27 and a half loopholes. Anyone younger than 15 cannot sign a Holy Blood Contract (to clarify: these contracts a thing for everyone, it's just that Monarchs are also expected to fulfill their terms) without any living guardians, primarily their parents, signing to confirm that they're allowing the child to sign the Holy Blood Contract.

The terms of Holy Blood Contracts can still be a requirement to be met by a Monarch's successors depending on what those terms are.

Anyway: pretty much all direct vassalage - and almost all of the country is controlled by vassals in this feudal ass state - is done via Holy Blood Contracts.

These contracts pretty much always come with a "if both parties agree that these terms are bullshit they can scrap this contract and make a better one" to prevent lock-in problems, and if a Monarch is in a really tough spot from these contracts they can deliberately violate them and make one of their kids "overthrow" them, although this guarantees a civil war, in order to make that lineage and contract reset but then it guarantees further wars as vassals see this as an opportunity to push for more favourable terms in their new contracts and, without any previous contracts holding any weight, are free to engage in good ol' stabbin' to force the Monarch to give them a better contract.

Law is mostly decided by the Head of Faith, but taxes are generally considered separate from normal laws. The Monarch may forbid things despite them not being sinful simply out of practicality. Either one requires the Head of Faith to publicly go "yeah guys just go with it".

Head of Faith

Lamaran religion is highly organized with a clear leader called the Head of Faith, temples, bureaucracy and so on.

Head of Faith is generally a position held for life, but it can be given up in a ritual that involves the drinking of poison... giving up the position has a 23% fatality rate, and on one occasion was done accidentally by a Head of Faith who mistook the poison for drugs.

When a Head of Faith dies or steps down, the Monarch selects a Krysa who must be a legitimate child, not a heretic and not a follower of any other faith. Being born with disabilities is allowed, and being born with things like albinism, heterochromia, birth marks and so on are even preferable as they're considered marks of the gods.

The selected successor must then complete a ritual that involves taking a dangerous amount of specific drugs believed to make them capable of communing with the God of gods and known for a fact to massively enhance their Krysa powers. This has a 76% survival rate, meaning yes the drugs are literally more dangerous than the poison.

The Head of Faith takes tonnes of drugs, engages in rituals, shows up to lots of festivals, gives speeches, crowns new monarchs and decrees what the God of gods considers sinful and what is likely to happen. They're also allowed to form, disband or legitimize already existing cults to specific gods of the Lamaran pantheon.

They, as the ones supposedly speaking to the God of gods, are also the final authority on religious matters.

The Organized part of the Lamaran Faith, let's call it the Church despite the polytheism and other very un-Christian things for simplicity, decides what is legal and illegal in Lamara by deciding what is sinful, virtuous or neither.

Law enforcement is similarly carried out by the Church, although it's pretty normal for Church law enforcers to get a lot of help from those working for the nobility or Monarchy in apprehending criminals whose crimes disrupt order or the economy like thieves, murderers and rapists, or to be completely sidelined if the crime is committed against someone in or working closely for the nobility or royalty. Adulterers, fornicators and that guy who takes giant shits on everyone's doorsteps are pretty much solely dealt with by the Church.

They also have more real power than the Monarch. Multiple Monarchs have been deposed and replaced because Heads of Faith said so, although the same can be said about Heads of Faith being removed and replaced by Monarchs, and in both scenarios this is usually due to civil war.

Nobility and vassals

Are an overly complex mess. You've got vassals of vassals of vassals of vassals of vassals and so on and they've all got their own Holy Blood Contracts and their own ways of doing things and family connections and histories and dear god it's such a goddamn mess.

Anyway, each one provides things to whoever their overlord is, usually their guarantee that they and at least a portion of their army will fight for their overlord in any wars, at least some degree of obedience and resources of some kind.


The basics:

Lamara has a population of about 170 million people and covers an area slightly larger than Europe and Texas put together.

Lamara's population and geography is extremely varied. There are countless cultures, sub-cultures and ethnicities within Lamara, which is much more genetically diverse than Europe or any other place on Earth of a similar size firstly for various Kandra: the omnibeloved related reasons, secondly because the Afterlife's humans are more genetically diverse in general due to the utterly wacko-shit geography and wildlife and finally because Lamara's comparatively far less dangerous wildlife and geography have made it an attractive place to immigrate to for countless people over the tens of millennia.

Lamara's (for the most part) lack of bullshit wildlife that injects itself every day with purified nightmare fuel means they can do incredible things like build massive structures without them immediately being destroyed, they can travel without having to cover themselves in monster piss every few hours, they can grow their population far faster and they can transport armies across their territory without losing half of them to ruthless animals.

Their technology is both more and less advanced than anyone else. To be more specific, there is a society in an island called Yunund, roughly the size of Ireland, which uses some very ancient and advanced technology but they don't actually know how it works or how to make more of it. If we go by terms of technology that societies actually know how to make more of, Lamara is the most advanced even if most of its people don't have access to it. In terms of the most advanced reproducible technology being used in daily life, that cake goes to the Branch People in the Black Forest.

Lamara's position as a peninsula only linked to the mainland by a land bridge means any invasion of Lamara has to be done using ships or through the land bridge. The land bridge is, surprise surprise, ridiculously well fortified and having enough ships to transport an army big enough to threaten Lamara is borderline impossible... don't even bring up the Jioctal Lamarans and Hami the Hami horde only wanted a tiny amount of Lamara that wasn't even under Krysa rule yet.

Lamara is itself a single nation, even if an internally divided one. Where the Hami are divided into countless tribes and the Derrippians live under countless different warlords, the countless nobles that Lamarans live under are all sworn, directly or indirectly, to the Monarch.

Lamaran religion and its organized faith: it serves as a unifier of the Lamaran peoples and is highly effective at integrating - not destroying, integrating - other religions into itself due to its polytheistic nature and belief in many kinds of deities other than gods and various divine mortals (demigods, saints, prophets, you get the gist). Basically, "nice gods you got there. I think that one there might actually be an especially powerful angel just based on how they came to be, and that other one we have a different name for them, these other ones we haven't heard of them before let's add them to our pantheon oooohhh I think that goddess of yours and this god we picked up from some other people would make a cute couple" which makes it easier to convert people since they're not giving up their gods just changing their interpretations of them and worshipping some new ones. Different areas will have their own unique pantheons that they now consider to be a few of countless deities that for whatever reason happen to take special interest in their area of Lamara.    

The Known Magic Families:

Brijilds - The Fire Family -> Solely possessed by Lamara

Tummens: Strength -> Possessed by Lamara, but many chilling in the wild

Krysa - Crystal Magic Family -> Literally the Lamaran royal family

Akwin: Tentacles -> Technically not solely possessed by Lamara, but they need to bond with a species of symbiote to be anything more than normal people and Lamara has sole possession of the symbiotes

Jarlets: Mind fuckery -> Solely possessed by Lamara

Ohffer: Walking Plague Bombs -> The only ones not possessed by Lamara are on the Dead Land where monsters have learned the hard way not to eat them and attempts to capture them by nations/organisations other than Lamura have all failed while Lamara's attempts to wipe them out so nobody else can have them have been equally unsuccessful.

Thorkinns: Electricity -> Solely possessed by Krusoga, which regularly ends up at war with Lamara over the powers.

Gosha: Shape-shifting -> Lamara claims to have sole possession of them but doesn't

Jarlen: Plants -> Extinct with death of first member ( )

Flesmiff: Healing + Body Horror Fuckery -> Extinct

Nima: Amassing armies of simps -> At large in the river valley of the Ember Wastes. Attempts to capture any have so far failed.

It's unknown how many more there may have been that have died out or are undiscovered. Many of these families have "branches" and "precursors" of families with extremely similar but usually weaker abilities, most of these branches and precursors being extinct, such as the Brijilds having the Brijins, who had fire powers but weren't as fireproof, and Brijicks, who were fireproof and could melt things to the touch but didn't have fire powers.


I'm gonna be giving you the fast version:

Long ago, an area of Southern Lamara was invaded by stinky (no, literally, they covered themselves in monster piss to scare off monsters and due to doing that still stunk after months of thorough washing) tribals, causing the various petty kingdoms and groups of the region to unite into an alliance against them.

Over the course of the war, the tribals seized some of an area and were allowed to keep that land in return for peace. Due to the threat continuing to exist, the alliance grew closer and an opportunistic Krysa, of which there weren't too many left due to the fighting, was able to wrangle them together into a more organised nation with the nation they led, also the largest, as leader and the others as vassals under them.

70 years later, this newly formed small kingdom, equivalent in size to Wales, launched a genocidal war into the region the tribals, weakened by losing far more of their people than the Southern Lamarans to a disease that passed through, held. The tribals, who were visibly different from the Southern Lamarans, were subjected to genocide, as was anyone who was married to one or even partially of the tribal ethnicity.

Skip forwards some centuries and this nation controls a far larger area, about the size of France, and is still seeking to expand. A Krysa claiming to have seen the gods after being hit in the head with an arrow begins preaching for unity of the religion, compared to its current state of every other shaman preaching something different.

A shitload of time later and a few major things have happened:

- The Krysa Empire has taken over all of Lamara and is now simply being called Lamara.

- The new interpretation that Krysa came up with isn't new anymore and is legally enforced by the religion itself across all of Lamara.

- Those tribals weren't the only known instance of a group from outside of Lamara coming in and settling there, peacefully or (more often) otherwise. Anyway, all groups within Lamara known to be there because of this are enslaved, deported or genocided: there is plenty of resistance to this by these groups and those who sympathize with them but said resistance is unsuccessful and anyone in these groups who isn't dead or no longer in Lamara is a slave.

- Almost all magic people are all nobility, making up a small minority of the nobility, but that almost is because of the exception known as the Brijilds - The Fire Family due to the Brijild Uprising - pretty brutal.

Demography and Population

Lots of ethnicities across various parts of Lamara. Being of mixed ethnicity is fairly common, although some believe that the gods made humanity into different ethnicities and that ethnic mixing is therefore bad... health benefits of being mixed go brrrr.

Jioctal Lamarans are at the tip of Lamara.

There are free ethnicities and slave ethnicities: in Lamara if you aren't considered at least partially Lamaran, with Lamaran itself being an umbrella term for many very visibly different ethnicities, then just being in Lamara is considered a crime punishable by being enslaved, and then after that the concept of law doesn't apply to slaves the same way.

This has resulted in some of Lamara's ethnicities, being those that moved in from elsewhere in known history, consisting almost (runaways go brrr) entirely of slaves in Lamara.

Members of "free" ethnicities can still be enslaved as a punishment for crimes, and then any children they have with other slaves after that point will be the slaves of whoever owns them as well. Slaves who are considered members of "free" ethnicities can, at least, regain their freedom under certain circumstances, whereas if someone of a slave ethnicity were given freedom in Lamara they'd immediately be breaking the law just by being in Lamara and be bound to slavery in an instant unless they were deported.

If you're of mixed slave and free ethnicities, you must be considered at least one quarter Lamaran for it not to be illegal for you to be in Lamara.


The entirety of the Gift of the Gods Peninsula and most of the nearby islands. They also have outposts in the mainland to facilitate trade, access to resources not present in Larama (especially biological resources as certain items and materials from monsters can be extremely useful) and immigration...

Immigration can consist of people outside of Lamara of Lamaran descent coming into Lamara and being allowed freedom or it can consist of slaves being brought into Lamara, usually by Lamaran raiding parties who then sell the slaves to nobles for use as workers in mines and fields.


Firstly, Lamara is a feudal state. Almost every of the vassals has their own military to assist in law enforcement, defense and to give to their overlords for wars.

Royal Military, that of the Monarch, consists mainly of the Lamaran Navy, Lamaran Army and Lamaran Expeditionary Army.

The Expeditionary Army's job is usually to go out beyond Lamara in search of things like new information and special items. The other 2 are self explanatory.

Technological Level

They don't have gunpowder, or steam power, or diesel power, but their understanding of mechanics is very advanced.


Swords, spears, bows and crossbows are the primary meta, but all have become extremely advanced and specialised for different situations and uses.

Repeating crossbows do exist and are in use but lack the power to penetrate most armour or hit enemies from large distances, except a type invented by members of the Expeditionary Force for fighting monsters which is really just lots of very powerful albeit small already loaded crossbows where the mechanism is changing which one you fire rather than actually reloading them - which is a giant pain in the ass to the point that soldiers using them will discard them once they're out of bolts and switch to other weapons instead.

Metallurgy is extremely advanced to the point where the most advanced weapons contain parts made from various alloys to better fit different purposes.

Armour is the same as ever, just a barrier to harm that you wear, but refer to the metallurgy point. Armour can be both fairly light and extremely strong. Those with high rank can also get themselves armour that has Krysa crystals built into it, generally just underneath metal armour and over gambeson. Krysa crystals can withstand ridiculous amounts of force without cracking, breaking or bending but this means they don't do much in the way of shock absorption and so that gambeson is necessary.


Trained birds, but there's also a network using candles, light filters and specially made Krysa crystals that allow for information to be rapidly communicated from place to place by the government, such as for military purposes.

Nationalised mail delivery and retrieval services are present in just about every town worth its name.


Many complex machines for sowing, printing, shaping things and so on exist. Factories lack steam, diesel or any power of that sort but industrial mass production still exists.

Agriculturally, they're surprisingly simple but the steel plough simply doesn't fail to impress.


Stone bricks piled up between 2 water-tight wooden thingies (walls? Basically they're on either side of the stone wall) and then a substance that's about to serve as an equivalent to mortar is poured in. The wood is set on fire (it's usually blaze-wood: when set on fire that fire can last an extremely long time while reaching extremely high temperatures) and this causes a chemical reaction in the mortar-equivalent that makes it solidify and try to expand against the wood but instead compress under the pressure. The mortar equivalent from this is still weaker than stone but is stronger, more resistant to the elements and a good insulator. -> and that is how the walls of the house-rows of the cities are built.

Cranes can be far larger than those of our ancestors due to stronger animals pushing them and so even larger stones can be placed and used. This allows for utterly ridiculously large fortresses and city/town walls.

To pave roads, a great row-plough (imagine lots of strangely thin ploughs lined up and all being pulled along the same area) is used and pulled by animals to make the soil soft enough for a second great device, a glorified snow-plough, to come through and push all of the dirt to either side. Next, people with tools are brought in to cover for any errors made during this. Yet another big animal pulls a thing through that drops in all the pebbles and small stones that make the base of the road and then yet another comes in with an animal pulling a thing with a small crane on it that helps the workers place the stone bricks of the road. The same mortar-equivalent from houses is used and whammo massive stretches of road can be built at once at a far faster pace than if it were done solely by hand.

Overall big cranes, complex mechanical processes (usually in the more advanced cranes) and even chemistry being utilised for massive constructions 10/10.


Mostly woollen clothing. The wealthy are able to wear clothing made from a material which technically isn't cotton because it's not made by the same plant but bruh it's basically cotton. Sowing machines are used most of the time, although they use those things you turn with your hands rather than electricity or fuel.

Fur coats are fairly common as well in cold times.

Cooking and food

Most Lamarans have liffi roots - which swell up with stored nutrients like potatoes or carrots - as the staple of their diet. One upside to Liffi roots is that they're edible cooked or otherwise, and can be stored for long periods of time without rotting or spoiling. Their shelf life can be extended into years if they're dried and smoked, and then centuries if canned (canning is a thing but is usually only used by the military and to store food for emergencies).

The variety of foods, including those from imported plants and animals, available to nobles is almost as varied as the cooking techniques that have been built up and stored over the centuries.


The primary religion is called the Lamaran faith. Practising other faiths is forbidden.

Foreign Relations

They literally think all outsiders are the sin-carrying descendants of people who did such unspeakable things that it prompted the God of gods to try to take away humanity's existing privileges. Not good.

Agriculture & Industry

Lamaran soil is for the most part very fertile, allowing it to support a massive population, and it is also extremely rich in natural resources like iron, tin and copper. It's also fairly common for miners to come across pieces of old Krysa crystals, but that's not much of a resource when members of the Krysa family can casually grow that out of themselves anyway.

Trade & Transport

Boats are pretty cool, especially since most of Lamara has a lot of rivers. That said, there is no river going all the way from one end of Lamara to anther or anything like that, so if you're going from one end of Lamara to the other you've gotta go most of the way by sea in which case good luck not getting attacked by pirates or sea monsters if you do anything other than hug the coast lmao.

In the current day of the setting, underground-but-still-above-sea-level canals are being dug out with the intent of linking all of Lamara by underground boat. This project was started over 500 years ago and was meant to take less than 100 years but has had many, many setbacks... it's expected to only need a few more years when Sarah Bailey / "Seh-uh Belly" arrives in-setting.

Otherwise, ride an animal or an animal-pulled carriage.


Isn't free.


It's all built to last. 1400 years in which Lamara has been a unified state with a royal family that can create nearly-unbreakable crystals and along the way gained more magic families and animals has made for some impressive architecture.

Despite all that, many areas are extremely under-developed.

Cosmological Views


Logic of what is and isn't sinful:

The Head of Faith is believed to commune directly with the God of gods, as well as other deities, using their drugs and Krysa blood. Through this any changes they suggest that get through their council - who themselves supposedly collectively commune with the God of gods by combining their spirits and stuff to check that what the Head of Faith is saying is what the God of gods meant - are passed into law.

The exception to this is those who are in legitimized cults. Members of legitimized cults follow the rules of the cults under the logic that the God of gods is allowing the deity of that cult to have these followers under their protection and therefore to be following that deity's rules., with exception to the fact that they can't have followers of other cults be the victims of any crimes they commit ie: if a cult allows murder, you're only allowed to murder other members of your cult, but not allowed to murder those who aren't in your cult.

A legitimized cult is one that the Head of Faith has confirmed that the God of gods is okay with existing. This also needs to get through their council.

What's sinful for almost everyone:

NOTE: Just cos it isn't technically a sin, doesn't mean it's socially acceptable.

- Second note: you're legally allowed to do whatever you want to anyone who is regarded as your own property, so long as it doesn't violate any contracts (raping slaves generally isn't allowed if you're married because it counts as adultery and therefore violates marriage contracts, for example).

Slaves and one's own children are considered their property, but with children specifically they're shared property of both parents, meaning that if one parent for example kills or rapes their child then the other parent can press charges if they so please: refer to messing with other people's children.

- Rape. Being a victim of rape is not counted as fornication, adultery or any other sin, meanwhile rape is itself considered a sin being done in addition to fornication or adultery.

- Murder. Killing people in duels to the death is allowed, but duels must be agreed by both parties.

- Theft

- Assault

- Violation of any holy contract, especially a Holy Blood Contract. Holy Blood Contracts are how overlord-vassal relations are done, even down to commoners to their local lords, and the terms of contracts can be inherited by one's offspring or successors down endless generations depending on what those terms are. It's generally due to a Holy Blood Contract that one of your ancestors signed that you have to pay taxes to and obey your local noble.

- Disobeying someone who owns you. If you're a kid and your ma tells you to jump off a cliff and isn't joking then sorry buddy it's death or death.

- Messing with other people's property. With property other than someone's children that's as simple as having to cover the costs of repair / replacement 3 times over, and if you can't pay then you're the slave of the person pressing charges. Certain amounts of money, which increase the higher your rank (high-ranking noble commits murder: avoids compensating family or being enslaved by allowing themselves to be receive a literal slap on the wrist), can be cut off from the amount you have to compensate the person by going through physical punishments like floggings, being maimed etc. If you become the slave of the person you committed a crime against, they can sell you as a human sacrifice to the Temple on the spot or to their local noble as a working slave... or keep you but most don't have the facilities for slaves.

- Messing with other people's children. Same as the previous rule of covering 3 times the damage done but with a person's child being considered far more valuable than any slave. If you kill or rape the child of someone who is your equal you're pretty much bound to become their slave, and then they're allowed to have you executed by the court, kill you themselves or have the court execute you but they get to be the executioner... or it's down into the mines with you.

- Any kind of illegal marriage. No marrying anyone who isn't their own property - so no marrying kids, slaves or animals - and no incestuous marriages.

- Unmarried sex; fornication or adultery. Fornication is almost never enforced and compensation must be made to the faith, payable by allowing harm to be done to you if you don't have enough money. Adultery is almost always enforced and means both adulterers each compensate both the faith and the person who got cheated on. A noble who is cheated on with a commoner can expect that commoner to become their property that they can do what they want with real quick. Fornication is considered messing with someone's property if you do it to someone's slave or child, with it being rare that they'll even press charges if it's a slave and an expectation of death if it's their child.

- Damaging nature without the permission of the gods. It's considered their property so you gotta get priests to give you the thumbs up. This is usually bundled up into a yearly ceremony asking to be allowed to hunt, forage and cut trees until the next ceremony.

- Being born outside of marriage. Chap's just out the womb and he's already a sinner, cos his parents got drunk after the Friday night dinner. General practice is for them to receive scars on their back via flogging upon reaching adulthood.


Go to temple or use an at-home shrine with wooden models of the gods and other deities you pray to.

Granted Divine Powers

It's claimed that the Krysas and some other magic families are gifts from the gods. The Brijilds are believed to have gained their abilities from deals with demons.


Every significant god or deity has its own dedicated priests and a cult, except the God of gods since the organized faith itself primarily worships them.

Get in it has the story that's set within this world. Also other stories and you being able to tell your own, share lore and chit chat.
Alternative Names
Krysa Empire
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Lamis: Coins made from Krysa crystal and marked with the symbol of the Krysa family. The Lamis are only considered legitimate if they have a blue tint, which is possible only when the Krysa who produced the coins takes special drugs only grown in the palace in the capital, said drugs also preventing the crystal from disappearing.

Also gold and silver and stuff are used far more often as currency but each Lami has a value that is ensured by the royal government: 200 colfiks... colfiks serve pretty much the same purpose as cows in this world.
Major Exports
Manufactured goods. Wool. Raw materials. Etc.
Major Imports
Largely self sufficient. Primarily buys wildlife and wildlife parts beyond Lamara.
Legislative Body
The Head of Faith makes the laws, although it needs to get through a holy council, at which point there's often a lot of back and forth over exceptions and so on before anything is passed.
Judicial Body
The Holy Enforcers.
Related Ranks & Titles
Related Professions
Organization Vehicles
Related Myths
Sarah Bailey / "Seh-uh Belly" gets into Lamara after escaping from a slave caravan by finding a battlefield from members of the Expeditionary Force fighting a local Hami tribe, a fight in which whoever won clearly moved on. She sees that another Expeditionary Force unit is coming and begins her big brain time.

She finds a female slave soldier of a similar height to her and with a dented helmet from a blow from a mace, strips the corpse, puts on the armour, tosses the woman's body into a river, slams her own head with a rock to match the dent and then sits in the middle of the way in front of the Expeditionary Force soldiers.

They assume her inability to speak is because of some degree of brain damage and take her and all the corpses back with them to Lamara.

Problem: Sarah didn't know she was using a slave soldier's gear. As far as the expeditionary force is concerned, she's a slave with no memories or any real skill at fighting. They sell her to an eccentric noble who's taken a special interest in her condition.

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