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Jioctal Lamarans

Lamara is a big peninsula and Jioctal Lamara refers to an area of Lamara on the Northern tip, the last place to be conquered by the Krysa Empire before it became the Lamaran Empire (by virtue of ruling all Lamara) 300 years ago.

Lamara's Northernmost tip comes very close to the mainland, to which Lamara is linked by the Southern landbridge, and is near the island Yosmalia as well as many other smaller islands (although this is the case for all coastal Lamara). The part of the mainland it is near to is the Black Forest, which has many people living among its massive trees.

Additionally, the Northern tip is surrounded by a mostly shallow ocean that prevents the presence of especially large ocean predators, meaning that ships can pass over its waves in relative safety.

This essentially adds up to Jioctal Lamara being linked to many of the peoples and societies beyond Lamara and, as a result, its capital city, Jiok, is a major trading hub, especially for the trading of things that either can't or can only be found in Lamara, including lots of Lamaran art - much of it made right there in Jiok - going out and foreign art coming in.

Jioctal Lamarans are known for the art their culture (Lamara is a peninsula home to many ethnicities, all of them considered inherently superior to those outside of Lamara) has produced: music, paintings, statues, poetry and writing are a massive export of Jioctal Lamara.

Most of this art is produced by Jioctal's middle class (Jioctal being one of few places possessing a significant middle class), which has caused significant scrutiny as those considered to have lower-class blood producing so much incredible art is to some degree considered a threat to the legitimacy of noble rule.

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Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Jarlenna, Kina, Hulmin, Enyani, Kobi and a tonne more.

Masculine names

Jol, Koff, Hulmino, Enyan, Koba and a tonne more.

Unisex names

Ash, Goli, Alkab and a mountain of others.

Family names

Jarlet: the high noble family ruling over Jioctal Lamara from Jiok. They possess magic abilities related to memory transfer.

Other than that, normal family names include: Jarlen, Kinnok, Hulbire, Hul, Joki, Edwod, Hinjin, Klamence, Klarence and a tonne of others.

Other names

Nobles always add Nol to the end of their first name. For example a male noble could be called Jol-Nol.


Major language groups and dialects

Nobles are expected to know both Lamaran and Jioctal. Pretty much all urban and traveling Jioctals, including those living in Jiok, know Lamaran including many not knowing Jioctal at all.

Pretty much all Jioctals in the countryside know Jioctal and there's a roughly 50/50 split between those that know at least basic Lamaran and those that don't.

Shared customary codes and values

Equals are expected to put their hands over their hearts to greet equals, lessers are expected to bow to superiors, superiors aren't required to do anything to introduce themselves to lessers.

Hygiene and tidiness is considered important.

Average technological level

Best naval and alchemic technology in all of Lamara. Is the main way through which all technology from beyond Lamara makes its way into Lamara.

Common Etiquette rules

Wait until the head of any given household has started eating before starting to eat yourself, unless they're of a higher station than you.

Guests are expected to help in the household they're in. Nobles aren't expected to help but to bring at least one servant or slave to do it for them.

Common Dress code

Nobility: Robes over clothes, jewelry, same as nobles across Lamara.

Normal people: "So anyway, I got meself these nice trousers and a shirt and when it's cold I'll wear me woollen coat that stretches down to me ankles."

Art & Architecture

There's mountains upon mountains of art, statues, writing, poetry and all produced by Jioctal's middle classes (Jioctal being one of the few areas of Lamara with a significant middle class to speak of), rivaling even that produced by the rest of Lamara's nobility and clergy.

This is considered a problem by much of the nobility and clergy, and there have been periods where art or art of certain kinds was banned by the state, with the freest times being during Lamara's many civil wars.

Many Jioctal artists are recruited into the clergy, including by force, to make religious art at their temples.

Coming of Age Rites

Every late autumn a Jarlet pours their blood into a bowl at the local temple and any children who turned 13 that year are required to come to the temple, drink a spoonful of the blood and then pour their blood into other bowls that the Jarlet is required to drink all of.

The Jarlet then goes back to the Jarlet mansion and puts their blood in a vial to be stored for thousands of years.

Common Myths and Legends

The story of Jarletta and Jarletta's Rainbows / The Funky Flower comes from this region.

Historical figures

Jarlessa, who used her Jarlet abilities to destroy a Jioctal fortress from within and allow the Krysa Empire to seize Jioctal, was allowed to personally execute the king of Jioctal, his wife and all but one of his children, who was forced to marry Jarlessa's daughter.


Beauty Ideals

Being tall and slender is considered ideal for both sexes.

Gender Ideals

Among nobility: both sexes are expected to be very artistically and linguistically able. Men are expected to have an understanding of how to run businesses, sail ships, etc. The expectation on women to be skilled artists and linguists is much higher. Both are expected to be skilled with swords, spears, bows and arrows. No housekeeping skills are expected as that's meant to be done by slaves and/or servants (having servants is considered more prestigious because you have to pay them and it shows wealth).

Among the normies: Both are expected to be skilled workers and preferably craftsmen/women, but with men also being expected to be strong and to do things that require physical strength and longer hours. Housekeeping is done somewhat more by women but the general expectation is for the tasks to be done together to promote marital unity.

Courtship Ideals

Nobles: "Grandson you're getting betrothed the daughter of these other nobles as part of a deal we're making." "Grandma I'm like 8." "And she's anywhere from 2 to 12 years old now put on the ceremonial betrothal clothes real quick her grandpa's a widow too and I want us to arrive early so I can get some of that fine wrinkly ass."

Normies: "Yo wanna tell our parents we're screwing so we can get married?" "Yeah lmao."

Relationship Ideals

2 clashing ideals:

By the Lamaran state religion: mutual infatuation and shitloads of kids.

In practice: Among nobles most marriage is a matter of advantage and also expected to have shitloads of kids.

Major organizations

The Jarlet household controls the Jioctal region.
Parent ethnicities
Diverged ethnicities
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