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The Afterlife?


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WARNING: "The Afterlife?" world has lots of messed up stuff happening in it. While I have yet to write many articles when I'm writing this, there's gonna be eugenics, rape, murder, genocide, extreme injustice, war, inhumane experiments, also all this stuff happens just as much to children as it does to adults, torture and you get the gist a lot of the people in this world do really messed up stuff to each other. Nasty details will generally be left out and only those that have some kind of relevance to other things will be mentioned, basically "A was raped under threat with a knife by B in order to have children with the same abilities as A" rather than "[insert rape erotica with creepy language you always find in "romance" books that make you lose faith in humanity]". The best measure I can think of is that if you can read/watch Attack on Titan or read/watch Game of Thrones (although my writing is a billion times less explicit than the second one... Jesus Christ George RR Martin go to fucking horny jail) you can probably handle the shit that goes down here.  

You die. You go to the Afterlife. Maybe you aren't even aware that you died initially, such as if you died in your sleep or by surprise, and think you're having a dream or something like that... thinking that will probably result in you either dying again or single-handedly toppling a government.

The Afterlife is huge. Nobody knows how huge, but let's just say that even if you could fly like a bird and were somehow immune to dangers you still wouldn't be able to go from one end to another in your lifetime. Where someone spawns in the Afterlife seems to be dependent on what time of year they died and where they were on Earth.

All things with brains that die go here. All injuries are healed. They still age, so unless they're a lobster or something of the sort their days are numbered even if they manage to survive the environment and other species. They can still have kids, assuming they were fertile when they were alive (if an injury being healed means regaining fertility, such as regrowing testicles that were cut off or kicked by Chuck Norris). Mutations still occur, and so evolution still takes a natural course, albeit with wildly different selective pressures.

Plants, fungi etc still exist in the Afterlife. This is largely attributed to symbiotic bacteria, fungi etc in animal bodies also coming through as a part of them when they die, although it's also been found that a person who ate just before dying will still have that food in their digestive system when they appear in the Afterlife, although they'll usually immediately vomit it up. Evolution seems to have taken things from there.

There is also magic, but the ability to use it is almost always genetic. Entire species have evolved around the use of magic, and creatures have been artificially made/altered using and to use it. This includes humans, among whom magic families are often used in industry and war, usually themselves having a great deal of power and influence.

Technology varies greatly from place to place, but its advancement is usually slow due to the absolutely nightmare that is travelling the wilderness between civilisations.  

Welcome to the Afterlife, may it be longer than your first... although to hope for that is probably to hope for too much.