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The Afterlife?

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The Afterlife? is a world in which all sorts of fucked up shit happens. Genocide, rape, child soldiers, injecting people with a strange and mysterious formula that bonds to their nerve and brain cells and then torturing them for several days straight before cannibalising them, you get the gist.

Humanity does as humanity do but in a world where the geography and wildlife are on meth, steroids and nightmare fuel and magic exists, even if the magic is mostly on the low end of things and even then very few people can use it.

Okay now for what this world is actually about:

Sarah Bailey / "Seh-uh Belly" is shot in the back of her head while sat on a graveyard bench on Halloween night, exactly 1 year after her brother died in that same graveyard.

She instantly appears deep underground, landing painfully on wet stone. When she emerges after over a week underground without food and nothing but stream water, she's in a fascinating, beautiful, awful world.

Humanity is far more varied, from the fairly normal looking Jioctal Lamarans to the "honey there's a demon at the door" Hami, to the point where you could mistake certain ethnicities for being non-human. Grey skin, yellow eyes, pointy ears, it's all here. There's even people who look like they're permanently sunburned, and are easily sunburned. This is due to good old mutation and natural selection, although some good old lost-ancient-civilisation type stuff is likely responsible for the existence of magic families like Krysa - Crystal Magic Family.

This world's geography is on meth. Lots of meth. There is a mountain taller than the length of Britain. There is a desert encompassing an ocean of lava. There are areas where gravity is reduced, increased or doesn't exist at all. The Black Forest has trees that are often multiple miles tall. Even Lamara: The Nation of the Gods' Gift Peninsula has utterly wack geography.

The wildlife, from Hamikos to Belligots: They got a loud roar, is all on steroids and nightmare fuel. So much nightmare fuel.

Sarah is in for quite the adventures, or, better put; endless suffering.