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Aether, also known by its ancient names Aetyr, Ethyr, and many others, is a powerful and enigmatic force that lies just beyond mortal understanding. While it has played a significant role in shaping the physical and spiritual realms of Luralon, the true nature of aether remains largely a mystery. Some ancient mages have suggested that aether is not a substance at all, but rather a process that occurs naturally in and between the cosmic realms. These theories propose that aetheric energy is generated through the interaction of various forces and energies in the universe, and can be harnessed by those skilled in the arcane arts.
  Other theories hold that aetheric energy is the physical manifestation of either quilting points or rifts between the Realms of the Real and the Realms of the Godhead. These beliefs posit that aether is the ichor of the Children of Luralon, seeping into the material plane from other dimensions. A converse theory proposes that aetheric energy is actually the spiritual energy of mortal races, the physical manifestation of the divine light that resides within all living beings. This theory asserts that every living creature holds a certain amount of aetheric energy within them, which can be harnessed and used for various purposes.
  Aether is an enigmatic energy source that has been studied for centuries, with many seeking to unlock its hidden power and utilize it for their own purposes. Although numerous individuals have made attempts to manipulate aether, all have ended in catastrophic failure. This has led to the implementation of stringent regulations on aetheric study and use in many parts of the world. Despite these restrictions, there are those who continue to pursue aetheric knowledge and power, often fueled by personal ambitions or a desire to bring about positive change. The consequences of dabbling with aether are severe, and any individual who attempts to command it for personal gain should consider the potential risks before doing so. Despite these warnings, aether remains an elusive power whose secrets remain shrouded in mystery.


Dream Magic

  An area of increasing interest to aethericists is is dream magic, or aetheric dream magic. This type of magic is associated with the manifestation of strange and often bizarre images, people, and situations in the dreams of those attuned to it. These manifestations are frequently associated with Dorus, the goddess of dreams, and the Doral Realms which exist within the individual and sollective subconsious. Natural scientists ar the University of Chardon, claim to be working on a therepeutic technique in which doral rifts, can be used in clinical practice to gain insight into patient's innermost thoughts and feelings, in order to overcome mental imbalance.   Aetheric manifestations are often ephemeral and insubstantial, and are not bound by the laws of time and space. They may appear and disappear at will, and can take on many different forms. Despite their unpredictable and sometimes chaotic nature, aetheric manifestations are believed to hold great power and significance, and are often sought after by those who seek to understand the mysteries of the universe.
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