A sandskimmer is a relatively small multi-hulled craft featuring two parallel hulls of equal size and is propelled by the wind through the use of one or multiple sails. Sandskimmers are predominantly used by travelers and nomads in the deserts and plains of Naz'thul.


Sandskimmers hover a few inches above the ground through the use of a levitation enchantment which allows it to have no friction from the coarse sands of the desert. The sandskimmer's wider stance reduces the risk of the craft tipping over as it levitates, which could happen more easily with single hulled vessels. The two hulls of a sandskimmer can be connected by a solid deck or a simple frame strung with netting depending on the size and requirements of the vessel.


A typical sandskimmer can be commandeered by a single person. Because of the low friction, sandskimmers can move extremely fast in high speed winds. Most sandskimmers have rudders and paddles which can be lowered into the sand to break and turn the vessel. Some sandskimmers have built in mechanisms to change the direction or height of the enchantments that cause the vessel to levitate, when these mechanisms are activated, the vessel dips on one side so that the keel of one of the hulls digs into the sand, which causes the sandskimmer to turn.


Sandskimmers are typically only used in the desert, the levitation enchantment lifts the vehicle from the ground and will not lift it from the surface of a body of water. If one wishes to cross water with a sandskimmer, they need to make sure that the hulls contain enough air so that the vehicle can float and be used as a regular catamaran.
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6-7.5m (20-25ft.)
12-15m (40-50ft.)
20km/h (12,5 mph)
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
1-8 Passengers


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